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MenuCalc Comparison to Other Methods

Below are details demonstrating MenuCalc's services and features behind our web-based application. Reading from left to right, you will see the comparison between price, turnaround time and overall benefits.

Services OfferedMenuCalc®CDs
(Internal Use)
Independent Company
RDDo It Yourself
Instant Nutrition Information ResultsYES: Available 24/7YES: After shipping and installation.NO: Wait for them to complete the work and deliver results.NO: 3-30 days.
Instant Access to Nutrition InformationYES: Web-based, always availableCHARGE: $1,500+ to set up a server connectionNONO
Modify Ingredients and Recipes, Product DevelopmentYES: Anytime, in minutes.YES: Only from computer where CD has been installed.CHARGE: $25-$100 to submit modifications and await results.CHARGE: $300 - $800 must send a new sample for new chemical analysis
Secure Account Log-inYES: Email and password protectedCHARGE: Some CD's do charge $1,175 to set up a connectionNo account, ask about their security agreementNo account, ask about their security agreement
TrainingYES: Web-based demos and tutorials, available support staffCHARGE: Between $855 - $6,000N/AN/A
Easy to Use ApplicationYES: Tops and help buttons make navigation seemlessYES & NO: Training is definitely encouraged or neededN/AN/A
Final Menu ReviewYES: IncludedCHARGE: $90/hrNOCHARGE: $200 - $700NO
CONSULTING SERVICES / OUTSOURCE YOUR RECIPES YES: Contact us for custom quote that’s right for you and your budgetNOYESUNKNOWN
Daily Ingredient Data Back-upYES: Covered in case of an emergencyNONO: Ask how they protect your dataN/A
Menu Labelling ComplianceYES: IncludedCHARGE: $90/hrNOCHARGE: $150 - $3,000NO
Backed By Industry ExpertsYES: Regulatory experts are on staffUNKNOWNUNKNOWNUNKNOWN
Features OfferedMenuCalc®CDs
(Internal Use)
Indepedent Company
Content Claims
(Low Fat Dish, Low Sodium)
YESYES: SomeCHARGE: $80+ per recipeCHARGE: $100+ per recipe
Recipe Sharing Among UsersYESNO: Unless you're on a company network serverNONO
Archive, Storage, Organization FunctionsYESYES: Some, hard to locateN/AN/A
Categorize by Dish Type, Customize Menu LibraryYESNON/AN/A
Ability to Add Multiple User AccountsYESNO: For a fee ranging from $50 - $1175N/AN/A
Ability to Add Your Own Supplier IngredientsYESYESCHARGE: $25N/A
Add and Use Prep Recipes in New RecipesYESYESN/AN/A
Customize ReportsYESYESN/AN/A
Export / Print Capabilites
(Excel, WORD, CSV)