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MenuCalc Testimonials

Here are some testimonials we've received from our customers and partners:

" The MenuCalc team has been very supportive of all of our needs. The web-based application is very easy to use, so we have not had many opportunities to need assistance from their support team. In the few instances where we did have questions, MenuCalc not only answered them quickly and directly, but did so in a way that gave careful thought to the specifics of our business and how MenuCalc could best be applied based on that knowledge. "

Red Mango Nutrition

Dan Kim
President & CEO
Red Mango
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" MenuCalc allows us to maintain dynamic, up to date Nutritional Information for all our menu choices. The ability to quickly change portion sizes and ingredients allows us to update our Nutritional Information instantaneously, allowing us to get the information out to our customers and operators immediately. The team at MenuCalc has been helpful, responding to our questions in a timely manner and listening to our suggestions to further improve the service. "

Erik's Deli Cafe Nutrition

Erik Johnson
President, CEO & Founder
Erik's Deli Cafe

" With MenuCalc, I can easily eliminate high-calorie condiments or fillings and view the calorie changes instantly online. It’s a totally flexible application and has made nutrition analysis a lot more fun than I expected! "

Melt Gelato

Brandon Barwin
VP of Operations
Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe
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" Our customers have been requesting a tool like the Nutrition Calculator for years and MenuCalc has provided the perfect solution. "

Mixt Greens

Leslie Swallow
Mixt Greens

" MenuCalc guarantees the accuracy of their nutrition analysis. This is extremely important. We cannot afford to make mistakes and have potentially misleading nutritional data out there for our customers. "

Asian Chao Food Systems Unlimited

Hong Vongmany
Operations Support Manager
Asian Chao, Food Systems Unlimited
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" Since I frequently create new menu items, I have to be able to experiment with different ingredients and quantities to achieve the perfect balance between calories and taste. MenuCalc is the only solution that offers this capability, plus a staff of food professionals with a fabulous amount of expertise, certification and knowledge! "

Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

Dawn Saxton
Co-founder and VP of Product Development
Specialty's Cafe & Bakery
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" MenuCalc is affordable and offers the flexibity I need. Multiple people on my team can access nutrition information from different locations, which makes things very easy. "

Laurie Zerga

" I used Genesis R&D nutrition software, which required installation on each work station and license fees as well. I prefer MenuCalc because the system is online. Plus, MenuCalc's customer support is great! "


Erin Kamei
Food Scientist
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" By partnering with MenuCalc, we hope to provide substantial value-added services to our loyal customers, with a cost-saving discount in this tough economy plus an expert resource for the hot topic of menu analysis. "

Tundra Specialties

Ryan Lewis
Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Tundra Specialties

" We see true value in their accurate online system, combined with individualized access to trained registered dietitians, the CRA is excited to begin a partnership with MenuCalc. "


Jot Condie
President and CEO
California Restaurant Association

" Proper nutritional analysis requires more expertise and more ingredient information than can typically be provided without creating a partnership like we have with MenuCalc. "

Compeat Restaurant Management and Accounting Systems

Dave Douglas
VP of Business Development

" It's the most sophisticated software program I've seen to help restaurants properly calculate the nutrition content of their menus. I've referred many local restaurants to MenuCalc with great results and feedback. "

Golden Gate Restaurant Association

Kevin Westlye
Golden Gate (SF) Restaurant Association

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