Should I Hire a Dietitian to Perform My Recipe Analysis?

Recipe Analysis by a Dietitian

As diners have expressed their need for knowledge, more and more restaurants have been turning to dietitians for answers.

So, you’re a thriving Restauranteur with a salivating menu, but you’re noticing that more and more patrons are asking questions about the ingredient breakdown of your recipes. What gives? Over the last decade, dining has become less about the experience of satisfying hunger with flavorful fare and more about getting the most out of one’s meal. Customers want to be “in-the-know” and they can be adamant about it. From macro-nutrient breakdown for the athlete or diet-conscious diner to ingredient information for the allergic consumer, your patrons want to know: What is in this dish? This answer can be found in the nutrient breakdown of your recipes. And who is more qualified to decipher that information than a dietitian?

Chefs and Dietitians: A Match Made in Restaurant Heaven

While your chef is busy cooking up delicious cuisine to appeal to the senses, a dietitian is able to provide the nutrient value, density and ingredient analysis of each delectable dish. Even in the creative process, there is a need for measurement. As you well know, if an ingredient in a recipe is altered by even a minuscule amount, the dish will not come out as expected. As a chef measures ingredients for a delicious outcome, a dietitian measures nutrient value for a balanced one.

As diners have expressed their need for knowledge, more and more restaurants have been turning to dietitians for answers. Some go as far as to employ these nutrition professionals in-house to provide answers to customer questions. This allows for their diner’s curiosity to be satisfied while the chefs enjoy creative freedom in the kitchen.  Dietitians have also been known to assist with menu and recipe development in order to create more options for the those coming in with diet and or ingredient restrictions. 

An Intelligent Menu for the Concerned Customer

Having a Registered Dietitian perform a recipe analysis for your menu provides the restaurant with an accurate account of what is in each dish. From macro-nutrient breakdown and nutrition information to hidden allergens, recipe analysis by a dietitian provides priceless data.

Lurking under complex terms in an ingredient list are hidden allergens that may cause a reaction in an unsuspecting diner. Maltodextrin, for example, is a sweetener used in many shelf-stable items. This seemingly harmless sweetener is largely corn-sourced. If a patron has an allergy to corn and inquires about the probability of corn or corn products in a dish, but the maltodextrin was not cited, there is high potential for an allergic reaction. And this avoidable occurrence results from a meal that was thought to be perfectly safe to consume.

Recipe analysis performed by a dietitian provides the data needed to avoid such disasters. This gives the restauranteur the peace of mind while extending credible solutions to their ever-curious customers. Accurate data also supplies the diner with the information they need to choose a meal with full confidence, knowing their meal not only has the promise of  flavor but precision. Ultimately, when a menu can provide both creativity and accuracy, it’s an appetizing experience for all parties involved.

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