How to Promote Functional Foods on Your Restaurant Menu

Adding functional foods to your restaurant menu is one thing, promoting them is another.

As industry trends become more granular, so must the software that identifies them. Tastewise, a new AI platform, was designed to scan social media platforms to not only pinpoint new food trends, but the reason behind why they are trending. According to these reports, It has become prevalent that there is a rise in consumers who are seeking to improve their health by consuming functional foods. But why? 

Eating with Purpose

What you may not know is that every food and beverage we consume serves a purpose, therefore making it “functional”. For example: nearly 80% of the immune system can be found in the lining of the digestive tract. The good bacteria, or probiotics, that are housed there defend the body against disease and harmful bacteria. This flora feeds on fermented foods and prebiotics to remain strong in both resistance and number. Eating foods that improve the quality of good bacteria in our digestive system as well as aid in the digestive process and have anti-inflammatory properties are will increase immunity and lower disease potential. 

These foods include but are not limited to:


Adding functional items such as these items to your restaurant menu can ensure that your restaurant remains on trend with consumer demand. The more on trend you are, the more appealing you are to your audience. Which means? More customers. 

Organizing Your Menu

So how does one begin change up their recipe rotation and create a more functional menu? 

Organize a section of your menu by function. According to the Tastewise report, though gut health tends to lead the pack, there are a list of functions that patrons are looking to support when dining out. Including: 

  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Anti-aging 
  • Stress relief 
  • Focus
  • Weight loss
  • Wellness


Creating functional categories within your restaurant menu offers an organized way to display exactly what your customer is looking for in their meal. 

Functional foods can also be multifaceted. A food that causes stress relief may also contribute to good sleep as well. A great example of this is chamomile tea. This particular beverage has been known for many years to bring tranquility to the consumer. When served with lemon and honey, this beverage becomes multi-functional. Through the addition of Vitamin C through the lemon and the antibiotic nature of honey, this tea can be marketed as stress relieving, sleep promoting, and immunity building. 

These functions can be listed after the item on your menu to draw the customer’s eye to your menu offerings in a whole new way. 

Are you interested in adding functional foods to your restaurant menu and would like the assistance of a pro? Menu calc is the industry leading nutrition analysis software complete with dietitian services created just for the restaurant industry! Contact us today for more information.


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