Meati: The Functional Meat-Alternative that is A Cut Above the Rest

Meati: A Functional Meat-Alternative That is a Cut Above the Rest

There’s a new player in the meat market and its health benefits alone set it apart from any plant-based meat product that has stepped up to the plate. Emergy foods recently released their mycelium-based, whole-cut meat alternative: Meati. 

Juggernauts like Beyond and Impossible have managed to monopolize a growing percentage of meat retail by replicating the texture and flavor of traditional ground meats. Alternatively (see what I did there), Meati has successfully created the first whole-cut meat alternative of it’s kind that plans to take its rightful place beside the menu offerings of it’s animal-based counterparts in steakhouses across the U.S. in 2020. 

Mycelium, the compound underneath the mushrooms, is a thick web-like, connective substance —much like muscle tissue. This nutritious fungi lends health benefits and functionality to food that Meati has managed to capitalize on.

What It’s Made Of

Mycelium, the precursor to mushrooms, is a nutritious compound that mimics the muscle tissue texture of a conventional steak with the ability to absorb the flavor of whatever the chef desires due to its porous nature. As a result, Meati has not only been successful in their ability to produce whole steak-like cuts of mycelium based meat but has also captured the texture of chicken breast as well. 

Though these capabilities alone set Meati apart from the other trending meat alternative brands, this mycelium meat alternative has managed to spearhead animal substitutes into superfood status; riding the functional food wave on an entirely new level. 

Superfood Status

Although the strain of mycelia has not been released by Meati for intellectual property purposes (and rightfully so), there are many great examples of the health improving qualities of mycelium. Case in point: Long hailed for their medicinal properties in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the mycelia of cordyceps, a fungus closely-linked to the mushroom, has been used to treat everything from cough and phlegm build up to kidney disorders and renal failure.  Cordyceps are among several mycelia strains that also have proven anti-tumor effects which can positively impact those battling cancer. 

Meati, a whole-cut meat substitute superfood with unbelievable health- benefits, plans to take it’s place beside it’s pasture-raised counter part in steakhouses and other high end restaurants in 2020.

This is just a glimpse of the health-promoting capabilities of a product like Meati, raising the bar for functional foods everywhere. At this time, while plant-based manufacturers are facing controversy for their high-fat, high cholesterol protein replacements, Meati is a welcomed, health-improving alternative making its way to restaurants as soon as 2020. 

Restaurant owners and chefs who have been searching for ways to add functional foods to their menu offerings need look no further, Meati is a cut above the rest and is coming for you with health benefits in tow.

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