Increasing Traffic Through Tech-Driven Menus

Quick service food establishments through to full-fledged family restaurants are beginning to see the a new trend on the horizon. It’s “Restaurant-menu tech” and it’s moving through the industry faster than a Indy 500 race car. In the recent months, we’ve seen big guys like McDonald’s improve their customer experience by impacting the “user experience”. So what’s “restaurant menu tech” look like and how can you get your hands on it? Wouldn’t you like to know. (Like we aren’t going to tell you).

Restaurant Menu Tech. It’s a thing. And it may be the difference between driving traffic to your restaurant or away from it.

Efficient Ordering

More than ever before, consumers are eating meals outside of the home or at least made outside of the home. Over $863 million dollars worth to be exact according to CNBC. And those meals aren’t aren’t being chosen by a phone order. In the current state of consumer ordering trends, online ordering through 3rd party apps (like GrubHub or UberEats) or directly through a restaurant’s online menu is the preferred route to go. Gone are the days where you phoned in your pizza order. Why talk to anyone when technology can take control? Efficient ordering increases the customer experience through improving the online user experience. If your restaurant is not connected to a 3rd party app or providing online ordering, you may be missing out on customer traffic.

Build Your Own Meals

We won’t start this portion with “more than ever before” as well, but well, more than ever before, diners want the ability to control the ingredients that are going into their meals. With over 35,000,000 Americans suffering from food allergies and a host of others choosing to follow a particular lifestyle that encourages them to eat consciously, consumer demand for ingredient transparency is ever-increasing.

Check out Willy’s Mexicana Grill and try out their nutrition calculator powered by MenuCalc.

Enter the customized online menu complete with nutrition calculator. Restaurants like Willy’s Mexicana Grill offer the customer the ability to have complete control of what their meal will contain with their build-your-own menu. And maybe we choose to mention that menu particularly because we helped create it, but nonetheless, quick-serves from Taco Bell to Chipotle are embracing restaurant menu tech to supply diner demand.

Nutrition Calculators

The other half of “Build Your Own” in restaurant menu tech is the ability to provide the nutrition information for your customers on the existing menu items in your restaurant offerings. From allergen information on the Top 8 Food Allergens to the total calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrient values, the nutrition calculator provides all. Shameless plug, but that’s why MenuCalc exists. With the industry trending toward personal lifestyle preferences and ingredient transparency, a menu that provides nutrition information to the diner is a valuable investment. In recent years, we’ve moved past the “what do you have a taste for?” question in deciding where to dine and we’ve moved into a “does this restaurant fit my lifestyle?” movement. In this day and age, the nutrient makeup of your menu items and the categorization of your menu may be the difference between driving traffic to your restaurant and driving them away.

Curious about using tech to increase your customer traffic? We’re here to help. MenuCalc is the industry leading nutrition calculator and menu labeling software platform created for the restaurant professional. Get your menu on trend and tech savvy by contacting us today. 

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