Functional Foods Fueling Menus in 2020

Since we’re now a bit into 2020, the experts have spoken and the options have bloomed into functional fare that is innovating food consumption and food businesses everywhere. From CPG companies competing with each other to provide the most cutting edge, natural products to restaurants improving their menus with these functional foods to draw more customers — the industry is on fire and it’s using plant-based fuel. Curious as to what your patrons are pining for in 2020? Read on.

Botanical Beverages

It’s not often that we address the bar menu but we can’t help but mention it with the new wave of non-alcoholic yet euphoric drinks that bring you a buzz through botanicals. These drinks, knows as “nootropics” are created from various adaptogens, which are herbs and other components that have the ability to give you a relaxed feeling (much like a martini or glass of wine) without the hangover.

Kin Euphorics combine the functionality of botanicals with the flavor of your bar favorites — buzz included.

Kin Euphorics, for example, offer 3 options for the bar experience, each one quite different from the other. Their offerings provide a drink for socialization, called High Rhode, which infuses flavors from functional foods like ginger and hibsicus but the experience of imbibing is what brings all the hype. Much like it’s name, this drink by Kin, brings the body to a place where it feels like it’s floating on air. Kin has provided a list of recipes that can be used to fill out your bar menu with this trending drink option.

Impossible Pork

That’s right, the same makers of the plant-based burger that overtook American quick-service eateries everywhere is now bringing you another option for all of the pork-lovers out there. Already embracing this plant-based pork is Little Ceasar’s Pizza, who will be adding an Impossible-Pork based pizza to over 6 dozen restaurants throughout the West. Other collaborations that have been reported for Impossible Pork are a breakfast “Crossanwich” with Burger King with plant-based bacon substitutes in the works. Though hailed in the past as an unhealthy plant-based option, Impossible pork is beginning it’s transition into the functional foods category by reducing it’s caloric value in comparison to pork and using more sustainable ingredients like coconut oil, for fat sources.

Functional foods continue to dominate menus in 2020 namely botanicals and spices.

And Again, Botanicals

Anu Fisher, Marketing Analyst at Flavorchem, says that “2020 will see a continued rise in natural and organic flavors brought on by the clean-living trend.”

So why botanicals? Dare we mention functional foods again? In case you haven’t read our previous articles or aren’t familiar with the term, functional foods are foods that serve a purpose in the body in a positive way. For example, ginger, a botanical-based flavor that is also a functional food, is excellent for digestion and quelling nausea.

To continue to answer the question of why botanicals are on the rise, it is in direct response to the plant-based movement. Plant-based meat substitutes tend to be created from ingredients that do not have as intense of a flavor profile as their animal counterparts. As a remedy, botanicals add an explosion of flavor to mimic the flavor profiles of meat products without the added salt, improving the nutrition profile of the plant-based dish. Now that’s functional food at it’s finest.

Implementing These New Products

Along with the functional food movement of 2020 with all of the new flavor profiles and plant-based products, customers also want to know the nutrition profile of the food items of your menu recipes. So whether you choose to implement these new products to make sure your menu is on-trend for 2020 or change up your current menu-items, menu-labeling will always keep you in the forefront of your customer’s minds when they are choosing a place to dine. This is where a software like MenuCalc shines. Simply taking a few minutes per recipe, you can enter your menu recipe ingredients into the software and receive a real-time nutrition report that you can then add to your menu so that your diners can get the information that they’re desiring during their dining experience.

So not only do we bring you the information on trends, we empower you to implement them through our nutrition analysis software. We think that’s pretty functional too, if we do say so ourselves.

Curious on how to begin implementing the 2020 trends into your menu? MenuCalc is the most-trusted nutrition analysis and menu-labeling software in the industry! Contact us to bring functional foods and nutrition information to your menu today!

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