Staying On-Trend with the Right Foodservice Distributor

When it comes to sourcing food for your establishment, it’s important to consider your options based on the goal you have set for your particular business. If your goal is simply supplying food to the masses, then cost-effectiveness reigns supreme. But if you are trying to appeal to a particular type of audience, especially the Millennial or GenZ categories of diners, then you know how important it is to stay on trend. With the pace that the food industry is moving it may feel like today’s top menu items are outdated within a week or two. Luckily, certain distributors are taking the time to not only recognize the pain points of their restaurant customers, but to address them through programs that will keep their menus relevant season after season. With these programs in place, taking the time to scope out the right foodservice distributor for your business becomes well worth the research.

Not all Foodservice Distributors are Created Equal

Every foodservice distributor has something different to offer their customers. Some pride themselves on their ability to source foods as locally as possible to provide foods quickly at the peak of freshness. Others are more geared toward helping small businesses grow by offering the use of large commercial kitchens for testing new food items and large conference rooms for conducting new business. Then some foodservice distributors take a more technological approach to help their restaurant customers keep their menus on trend with the newest menu items that are appealing the the most demanding of diners.

The Scoop Initiative

U.S. Foods, located in Rosemont, IL is one such foodservice distributor. In collaboration with Datassential, a food AI that is created for the sole purpose of providing relevant food information, U.S. Foods has created the “Scoop Initiative”. Under this program, restaurant customers of U.S. Foods receive a seasonal list of foods that are up and coming on trend lists based on in-depth research. The intention of this program is perfectly explained in the Fall installment made by the foodservice distributor: 

“Diners today crave adventure. With millennials and Generation Z leading the way, more restaurant visitors are demanding richer, more diverse food experiences. So for our Fall Scoop, we matched renowned innovators and American locales – each known for a particular global specialty – on a food tour that inspired the products in this launch. The result: an assortment of exclusive Scoop products with Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern influences, designed for the ultimate in authenticity, accessibility and versatility. “

Foodservice distributors like U.S. Foods are creating innovative ways to connect and advocate for their restaurant customers through initiative programs that keep menus on trend.

The Technological Overhaul

Never before has the food industry seen such a collision between culinary and technology. And as a food-tech company ourselves, we have to acknowledge the prevalence of such an amazing trend in the foodservice industry today. Food businesses are taking the time to consider how technological innovation can impact their success or downfall, and with remarkable results. With the emergence of more platforms we will continue to see the dining experience become even more personalized to the consumer. The more researched and intentional you are with the foodservice distributors and other players you choose to couple your business with, the more on-trend you will be. And as these different food AI’s begin to link together, the personalized experience is no longer limited to the customer, but you’ll find a customized business experience for yourself as well.

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