Keeping the “Family Vibe” Alive and Allergen-Informative at WingsEtc. With MenuCalc

The Beginning

It was the 1990’s and Jim “The Weave Weaver”, an Indiana accountant was craving more than just crunching numbers. Dreaming of a place people could go to order something other than “froo-froo-faux-fabulous-foodie-fare (and hang out at) Just a good ol’, laid-back, family-friendly (and grownup-friendly—let’s not lose that point) sports bar.” After getting some strategic partners on board, Jim left accounting for good and ventured out into the world of feel-good-food by creating WingEtc. Nearly 30 years later, “The Weave” has kept the vision the same by maintaining that “good-ol vibe that makes people just wanna come in and hang out”. And hang out, they do — at more than 70 locations. 

Enter: MenuCalc

When the new regulations were released by the FDA regarding restaurants needing to provide caloric values and other nutritional information to their diners, Wingsetc. Chief Operating Officer Robert Hennsman knew that they needed a viable solution. 

“We originally reached out to MenuCalc so we could provide the nutritional reporting required by the Affordable Care Act. We were looking for a vendor partner that made nutritional reporting accurate but simple for our various menu items.” 

Having never worked with a nutrition analysis platform before, Hennsman was quite unsure what to expect but quickly found that both the software platform and team at MenuCalc proved quite helpful.

“Menu calc was very easy to use and the support we received was excellent during the process of documenting our menu nutrition information.” 

WingsEtc: The froo-froo free family spot turned to MenuCalc to provide their customers with the most accurate nutrition analysis for continued feel-good dining.

Diving Deeper with Registered Dietitian Consulting Services

As time passed and the team at Wings etc. began to enjoy the simplicity and ease of working with an intelligent platform that lessened their turnaround times in providing nutrition information to their customers, they were looking to dive a little deeper. It had come to their attention that it would benefit their customers to provide an even more thorough look at the ingredient make-up of their menu items by providing allergen information. Such information would allow the food establishment to create a safe dining experience for their ingredient-sensitive crowd. Hensmann himself giving an inside scoop on the entire process: 


“We were pleased with the nutrition info and decided to reach out to MenuCalc to see if they would assist us in putting together our Allergen info. The allergen process was quick and easy and we were pleased with the service from MenuCalc…

…During the process Elysa (MenuCalc’s Registered Dietitian) pointed out several items that we had in Menucalc that were missing information or needed correction. She was very helpful in communicating those items to us so we could get the correct info for our reporting.”

Final Thoughts 

“I believe all food service businesses should consult with a dietitian. Many of today’s consumers want to be informed about the food they are eating. Consulting with a dietitian is a responsible and reasonable way to provide your guests with the information they need so they can make decisions about the products they order.”

Well put Mr.Hennsman. We couldn’t agree more. 

MenuCalc is the most trusted nutrition analysis software platform in the foodservice industry to date. With features like allergen-flagging, health claims, and access to over 300,000 lab-tested ingredients, ingredient transparency on your menu has never been so easy.

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