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It’s no secret that significant efforts have been made in to change the way that the diner looks at nutrition. A few years ago, the focus was to draw attention to the calories in restaurant dishes so that customers had the ability to make better choices regarding their health. The World Health Organization came together in a combined effort that required food establishments of all shapes and sizes to be transparent about their nutrition information. Over the years, as momentum built within this movement, consumers began to not only look for calorie counts on menus of eateries they were visiting, but expect it. In 2020, calorie counts on menus isn’t just a regulation for those establishments that fit the revenue requirements, it has now officially become a trend. A trend that has crossed international borders and become a global expectation.

Providing nutrition information for your diners reflects excellence in customer service.

What is Nutrition Transparency?

In short, nutrition transparency is a food establishment’s ability to be open about the ingredients and the nutrition information in their menu items. Under the law in many countries, it is required for larger eateries with several locations to place calorie counts next to their menu items. But because consumer demand has grown for this information, more and more restaurants and other food businesses have begun to willingly place calorie counts on their menus to please their customers.


But, Why?

In 2020, consumers want more from their dining experience. They want an experience that is personalized to their dietary preference, and they want to know what restaurants have what they’re looking for. Common dietary preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, low-glycemic and even KETO have begun to take the lead in creating an appealing menu for a customer. The more that a food business is in-tune with what customers want, the more likely that customers are to dine there repeatedly. Repeat business means more revenue. More revenue means growth, but we don’t have to tell you how that all works. If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you have a food establishment of your own, and we make it our job to bring you the trends and the tools to make sure you’re following them.

How Do I Get Calorie Counts on My Menu?

We thought you would never ask. Whether you are a bakery in Paris, a Hotel in Dubai or a Hospitality Group in Saudi Arabia, MenuCalc is here to help. Our software is easy to use and able to bring the nutrition information you need to bring your customers the ultimate dining experience, every time. Using MenuCalc is simple. Enter your menu recipes into our ingredient database and your report will be created instantly. If you would like us to do this for you, we can take care of that too. We have menu services for every size business but we specialize in large restaurant chains, hospitality groups and hotels. No job is too big. With MenuCalc, you can offer your customers the dining experience they are looking for and serve them with excellence.


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