Why Your Business Needs a Dietitian with Food Industry Experience

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “You don’t pay for the skill, you pay for the experience.” In most cases one can relate this to a luxurious experience versus a more basic one. When we’re talking about selecting a dietitian to handle something as important as your nutrition data, experience isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

All RD’s are Not Created Equal

To become a Registered Dietitian, the process is the same across the board: receive the appropriate amount of education, earn a degree and pass the state exam.

When it comes to the paths that an RD travels down in regards to career, that’s where things begin to change. A lot of dietitians go the route of meal planning for clients and/or patients by opening their own practice. Others decide to team up with other practitioners or work at a hospital specializing in nutrition for certain medical conditions. A select few go down a different path: the food industry.

Dietitians have different skills sets depending on their career path. Does your dietitian specialize in the business operations in the food industry?

Those that choose to journey into working for a manufacturer or food establishment have a very specific set of skills that they use that contribute to business operations in regards to nutritional accuracy and quality. And most importantly, they’re required to understand FDA regulations very thoroughly. Working with clients becomes about auditing, legal obligations and creativity when necessary.

The Benefit of Industry Experience

So when choosing an R.D. to handle your recipe analysis for menu items, it’s important to be selective. If you had an ankle injury, you wouldn’t seek out a personal trainer to rehabilitate you, you’d look for a physical therapist. Though they’ve done similar schooling and are well versed on the anatomy and functionality of the muscles, joints and tendons, the execution of their education is different from one another.

When operating a food business, especially a large chain or enterprise, it is imperative that you use a nutritional professional who has experience in the food industry. While a private practice dietitian can calculate nutrients and provide a report, they aren’t versed in the regulations set forth by the FDA that govern food establishment operations. Dietitians that specialize in the food industry are also able to look at a menu and categorize it based upon customer dietary preferences, allergen needs and demand. Dietitians with industry experience also know how to be flexible with ingredients to quickly adjust nutrient values and other components to create new recipes. This is the creativity skill we were mentioning earlier. All of these skills lend to a next-level experience.

Having a dietitian that is versed in the aspects of food business is an asset for any food establishment. And the number one reason why at MenuCalc, we have an R.D. that has 17 years industry experience to handle the accounts of our Small to medium business through to enterprise clientele.

Contact us to experience the MenuCalc difference in your food business today. 

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