COVID-19 Restaurant Delivery and the Ghost-Kitchen Model

Your dining room may be closed, but getting a handle on COVID-19 restaurant delivery by pivoting to a ghost-kitchen model can absolutely revolutionize your business post-pandemic.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many food establishments have found themselves forced to pivot in ways they aren’t used to. You, my dear reader, might be one of them. And while you have been accustomed to delivery being a supplemental stream of revenue, we’ve now entered a time where it is, quite possibly your only source. However, do you recall that only months before, many restaurants were voluntarily moving to a dining-room-less model?

Not even a whole quarter ago, the “ghost-kitchen” was hailed as the new, cost-effective, revenue-driving model for the restaurant to adopt. And these faceless-restaurants thrive on —wait for it — delivery and take-out while saving on front-of-house maintenance costs. So instead of another article about how to “make it”, let’s look at the silver-lining and discover how you can make the most out of the ghost-kitchen model to get a handle on COVID-19 restaurant delivery. Ready to pivot? 

Take Advantage of Available Resources

During this coronavirus hurricane, many of the giants within the food industry industry have come to the aid of the small-business with relief programs. From Maker’s Mark assisting restaurants with food-staff `supplemental assistance to tech-apps offering free programming, everyone is pitching in to help one-another. 

This week, GrubHub and UberEats have publicly announced that they are willing to waive their delivery commission, in support of the small-business who is shifting to delivery for the first time. Meanwhile, yours truly, has offered a 2-month plan, completely free, for the nutrition analysis of your menu items which can easily sync up to your chosen delivery-app platform. 

The success of a ghost-kitchen, or any kitchen that depends on delivery and/or take-out as their primary income source, is efficiency and a good budgeting plan. Now that you’ve closed your dining room and are functioning solely through the back of the house, creating an efficient and cost-effective operational method is key. Both of the aforementioned tools are now free, and here’s how you can use them to your advantage. 

Optimizing free opportunities for COVID-19 restaurant delivery should still be done strategically, with recovery in mind.

Choose a Free Delivery Provider

While initially you wouldn’t think it would matter who you go with since GrubHub and UberEats are both currently free, it will impact you when the fees kick-in post COVID-19. When you begin your recovery, which you will, the commission percentage matters. GrubHub takes 15-30% commission based on certain criteria while UberEats takes 25-30% commission and drivers for UberEats must pay a 30% commission for being afforded the work opportunity. 

And while it might be tempting to do all of your delivery yourself, there is a fair share of exposure through a delivery-app. Your restaurant will be advertised to locals in your area as an option, and free advertisement is a big bonus down the line. 

Connect With Your Customers By Giving Them the Data They Want

Not to toot our own horn here but the beautiful part of nutrition analytics, at this point in the industry, is that it’s a consumer trend. Right now, the nutrition information in your menu recipes is a big reason why (or why not) a certain customer will order from you. And while you were busy doing what you do so well, serving your customers’ needs, we’ve been busy doing our best to serve you with the data you need to continue doing so. 

Our freemium plan allows you to analyze your recipe data, categorize it by dietary preference and easily sync this information up to your chosen delivery provider. So whether you go with GrubHub or UberEats, your online menu information will make you stand out amongst the crowd by offering the customer the opportunity to customize their dining experience. 

Embrace the Pivot

Pivoting during this time might be uncomfortable, however, it doesn’t have to be impossible. When you gather the right tools, especially the free ones, and use them to your advantage, it can provide you with the opportunity to not only succeed through this crisis, but continue reaping the benefits long after. You may just have yourself a new, thriving revenue stream when this is said and done.

If you’re looking for some relief during this time, we are ready and waiting to help you embrace your new ghost-kitchen and get the biggest return on your investment. Contact us. It’s free!

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