Solving Consumer Frustrations with Food Delivery Apps During COVID-19

Amidst the pandemic and all that is taking place throughout our country at this delicate time, one of the most beautiful opportunities we have within the food industry is the ability to feed our American citizens. In this process, it’s important that businesses are fully astute on not only the preferences, but the frustrations of the consumer. With this in mind, you might be shocked to find out that consumers share many of the same frustrations as food businesses when it comes to the use of third-party apps and the end result of their delivery orders. We’ve previously covered and appreciate the desire that the restaurant has to take back the narrative and the brand perception that has been created on their behalf by their collaboration with third-party delivery apps such as Grub Hub and UberEats. In light of this, we’ve collected what you need to know about present consumer frustration while providing a way for you to also “take back your menu” so-to-speak with an interactive tool we’ve created to assist in making your ordering and food delivery during COVID-19 absolutely seamless. So without further adieu, here are the top 3 consumer frustrations with third-party apps and what you can do to recapture the narrative of your brand and liberate yourself from having to use them at all!

Frustration #1: Deliveries Arriving Late or Not at All

Although the use of a third party app for food delivery during COVID-19 might be convenient for increasing your exposure to the local residents in your city, there are often a few hurdles that present for both the restaurant and the customer. First of which is the late delivery or even non-delivery of food items. That’s right, we’re talking completely cancelled orders by third party apps. According to a customer forum on Reddit, many customers are baffled as to why their orders keep getting cancelled when put through a popular food delivery app, Postmates.

According to the forum, orders are placed and received and the customer is charged and receives notification of when the order is being processed and when it departs the restaurant for delivery. Yet somehow, while en route, the order will be mysteriously cancelled and the customer will be left without their order and given a vague reason as to why they will not be receiving their food order such as: “Delivery person has encountered a personal issue and is unable to deliver” or even less vague “Your delivery has been cancelled, but don’t worry — you won’t be charged”. Customers are left hungry and confused, not a good combination.

Customers have spoken, and they share your frustration with food delivery during COVID-19 through third party apps.

Frustration #2: Food Arriving Cold 

Food delivery during COVID-19, especially through third party apps, may often cause a delay in the arrival of a customer’s order. It’s common practice for delivery drivers for third-party apps to pick up several orders before going to deliver the food items to the hungry customers. As previously reported by several outlets, the increase in fees is often due to the lack of organization in the delivery process of customer orders. Delivery drivers simply pick up and delivery orders as they see fit and do their best in the given situation. Protecting the brand of the restaurant and their customer service values are not the priority of the third party app driver. As a result, it is not uncommon for orders to arrive cold and customer complaints to fall upon the restaurant instead of the lack of organization in the delivery route of the driver. The accountability for good service is lost in the convenience of syncing up with third parties and impacts the reviews of the restaurant itself, negatively.

Frustration #3: Outrageous Fees

Given the current state of the country under quarantine, many concerned citizens that desire to preserve their health are forced to observe quarantine to the letter, which often means that food delivery is their only viable way of receiving nourishment. With the unemployment rate reaching astronomical heights simultaneously, this begins to present a very big problem in regards to people having the ability to meet their basic needs. Third party apps are facing legal scrutiny for the fees that are imposed upon the restaurant and the customer as well as the outrageous commissions and the enforced price increases third parties demand from restaurants on their menu items.

Nourishment shouldn’t be a privilege, it is a basic need that must be met through the means that are available to the people. Overwhelming fees also inhibit the restaurant’s ability to make a profit and pay their staff accordingly, causing them to work overtime for little financial gain, all the while their business remains in fragile state. Large third party apps have begun to monopolize the food delivery market and prey on restaurants while they are at their most vulnerable. A fault that has not only been recognized by consumers and restaurants alike, but our legal system as well. Food delivery during COVID-19 should be reasonable, accessible and convenient, not bank-breaking.

Finally, A Solution

After witnessing the hardship and the frustration of both the consumer and food businesses, we at MenuCalc decided it was time to take one of our platforms and expand it’s ability to serve the food business in “taking back their menu”. Previously known for it’s ability to calculate nutrition information instantly for consumers using online restaurant menus, MealBuilder’s features have increased and have been tailored to the needs of the food business in order to make food ordering and delivery a seamless process and liberate them completely from third-parties.

MealBuilder has the ability to calculate nutritional data for the customer, as we mentioned, but is also capable of syncing up with the existing restaurant POS system so that a customer can order their meals, customize menu items and complete online checkout. MealBuilder also has the capability to transform into a marketing tool for target website visitors to garner repeat business. Now more than ever, it’s time to take back your menu, skip the third-party fees and reap the benefits of all of the hard work you are putting into feeding the citizens of America during this pandemic. We are with you! To find out more about MealBuilder, click here.

MenuCalc is the leading nutrition analysis software platform created for the food business. To learn more of all the tools that you can use with MenuCalc, check us out!

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