COVID-19 Food Safety Tips & Training Materials for Food Handlers

In the newly paved landscape of what is now the food industry, we all must become acclimated to not only it’s new look of closed dining rooms and delivery becoming the new norm– but we must also accept the change in how it operates. In the wake of COVID-19, consumers have never been so concerned with the safe handling of their food. And rightfully so. Diners want to rest assured that their food items have been prepared in a sanitary manner, with as little exposure to personal contact as possible. In fact, “contactless” has become the new trending terminology in food delivery. For this reason and the others listed above, we’ve compiled the top COVID-19 food safety tips for safe food handling as well as available resources that can help you during this transitional time. 

Latest Covid-19 food safety tips for delivery and more.

Top 6 Delivery Tips 

COVID-19 food safety tips for delivery and takeout according to Servsafe and the National Restaurant Association include:

  1. Do not work if you are feeling ill. 
  2. Food must be packaged and protected from contamination. 
  3. Food must be transported in temperature-controlled containers. For example, using insulated coolers for hot foods, and insulated coolers with ice packs to transport cold foods. 
  4. Driver must practice social distancing of at least 6 feet between people, when possible. 
  5. Driver must practice responsible hand washing or use hand sanitizer after each transaction. 
  6. Restaurants and retail food operators are encouraged to post signs alerting third-party delivery drivers to best 

In addition, it’s also not uncommon for drivers to wear masks upon delivery of food items to the ordering customer. Although multiple states have begun to repeal the need for masks, the comfort of the consumer themselves is paramount as there is continued concern for the spread of COVID-1.9.

Ongoing Observance

Whispers throughout the industry have been heard stating that the after effects of COVID-19 could last well into 2021 in regards to customer apprehension for food safety. As a result, the National Restaurant Association has released multiple modules in support of the restaurant owner. 

“As restaurants are forced to change how they do business, we want to ensure safe customer experiences by extending best practices for safe food handling to takeout and delivery,” said Sherman Brown, executive vice president of training and certification for the National Restaurant Association.

COVID-19 Training Videos

Resources for the food handler released through Servsafe are now offered free on the Servsafe website. These resources are in the form of free training videos that cover everything from the safe handling of food for take out and delivery, to the newest guidelines around re-opening your restaurant and staying healthy and within the suggested parameters set by the CDC. 

Ongoing Resources via Servsafe have continued to be available for all workers within the restaurant space in support of the rapidly changing landscape of industry. These resources have been provided absolutely free of charge and only require registration with credentials that reflect an actual position held within the restaurant industry. 

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