Menu Optimization with Nutrient-Powered Analytics

Creating the perfect menu takes tremendous skill, research and tactful placement. And once that “perfect menu” has been created, there is still the marketing and promotion of this menu to reach your target audience. Imagine what would menu creation would be like if you could know your potential customer preferences and even the most appealing ingredients or recipes of your competition? Would this insight completely change the game? We think so, that’s why we’ve put our heads together and burned the midnight oil to bring you the opportunity to optimize your menu through nutrient-powered analytics.

Recipe Analytics

Have you ever wondered if there was a secret formula to creating the perfect menu item? It almost seems like major franchises and other competitors have it down to science, right? Well the truth of it all is, customer preferences change over time and the competition knows what it means to have a handle on these changes: more revenue. If you want to boost your menu item sales and increase your revenue month over month, recipe analytics can bring you there. With these insights you can obtain weekly reports of how your recipes rank in regards to your competition and current trends.

Ingredient Insights

Choosing the perfect ingredients for a dish can sometimes feel as mysterious as figuring out how a magician pulls a rabbit from a hat, but it doesn’t have to be. With Ingredient Insights, you can obtain reports of how ingredients rank in predominance. Should you create your Creole Tacos with catfish? Or maybe lobster? How about Chicken?

Ingredient insights gives you a behind-the-scenes look of the making of the magical combination for a menu item that not only tastes delicious, but sells, and well. Find out what ingredients that customers are craving in every category, from proteins to fruits, vegetables and fat sources. Butter or olive oil? Apples or Oranges? Now you can know for sure and create your recipes confidently with ingredient insights.

Optimize your menu with nutrient-powered analytics and stay ahead of the competition while being on trend.

Flavor Predominance Reporting

Have you ever wanted to expand your menu but were hesitant because you were unsure of what cuisine types were popular or what flavors were dominating the trends? Now you can have a sneak peek at the flavor profiles of the recipes that are trending and appealing to customers. Week after week, find out the flavor combinations that are dominating the market before your chef even preheats the oven.

Cooking Methods

Grilled? Fried? Sauteed? The options of cooking methods are just as plentiful as the types of recipes themselves. So how do you know whether or not it would be more advantageous to grill your chicken than to fry it? Is steamed broccoli more popular than raw? From now on you never have to wonder. Our cooking method reporting gives you the data you crave around competitor’s successful menu items and how they were prepared. Optimize your cooking methods and keep your menu items trending before you even create them.

Seasonal Swap Lists

As you very well know, fresh ingredients and produce costs fluctuate with the changing of the seasons. Squashes are more predominant in fall while cherries and peaches reach their peak in the summertime. To accompany ingredient analytics, we’ve included a running ingredient swap list that will keep you up to date on the change of seasonal items to make applicable swaps for promoting your seasonal recipe items.

Dietitian Collaboration

Lastly, but certainly not least, we believe that there isn’t a more superior pairing that when you marry technology with human experience. This is why we offer personalized industry dietitian collaboration with all of our analytics features. Where tech leaves off, our Registered Dietitian team can work directly with your culinary team to implement these analytics, review and revise your menu to keep you on trend and your menu items selling.

Curious about MenuCalc analytics? Contact Us! We can’t wait to connect with you and help you optimize your menu with nutrient-powered analytics.

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