How to Use QR Codes to Create a Contact-less Menu

Amidst this global pandemic that is quite literally changing life as we know it, society has never been more concerned (dare we say obsessed with) their health — and for good reason. With COVID-19 cases still surging and expected to rise in the upcoming months, consumers are looking for even more ways to go contact-less as a way of protecting themselves from possible contact with the virus. This measures are even more heightened when it comes to ordering food in a restaurant. While curbside pick-up and contact-free delivery have become the new norm, for those who have begun to venture out into the world and re-enter the public scene, contact-free service is still of the utmost importance.

The most “shared” item in a restaurant, outside of the dishes, are restaurant menus which are passed around from customer to customer. Consumers are realizing that a restaurant menu could become it’s own petri dish of bacteria very quickly, even when restaurant staff takes extra precaution to sanitize shared menus. For this reason, an old technological staple has begun to re-emerge, helping restaurants everywhere provide their customers the option to choose their appetizers and entrees digitally, without ever having to touch a menu.

Enter the QR Code

We’re sure you’ve guessed by the title that we’re referring to QR codes. But how can this little barcode-like image save lives everywhere? Well first, for those of you who don’t know, a QR code is a series of lines and dots similar to a barcode, that transmits information when scanned. Nowadays nearly every phone has a QR scanner already built into their camera, heck, there’s an entire social media platform built on QR code functionality with a scanner built right into their app. (Snapchat anyone?)

How a QR Code Can Work for Your Menu

In the case of restaurant menus, a QR code is a handy little item that can share information about your menu in one quick scan. Pictured below, (thanks Starbucks), is an example of a QR code that can be branded and used to view the menu, or even order or pay for your customer’s desired food items. These little images can work wonders in a world where contact-less is key where food service is concerned.

With this particular QR code, you can create a Starbuck’s account. If you’re unfamiliar with QR codes, give it a scan and see how it works. Now imagine this concept at work for your restaurant menu.


A Restaurant Experience with Active QR Codes

As easily as a traditional barcode stores inventory and payment information for a grocery store, a QR code can create a pathway for consumers to interact with your menu safely. Let’s try to paint the picture for a moment: Imagine, your diner comes to your restaurant and scans a QR code to let your servers know that they’ve been seated.

Now you can create a contact-less menu using QR codes.

Then, the server can approach the customer with a device that contains a QR code which allows customers to scan and then view and order their meal, eliminating physical menus and even the pens and notepads used by servers to take orders. Now, at the click of a button, the ordering to payment process has become completely paperless, and therefore, contact-less, providing a safe space for customers and staff to co-exist with lessened risk of exposure.

It might have seemed like this simple barcode was fading into oblivion, but given the state of the restaurant industry, using QR codes to create a contact-less menu just became the biggest hit of 2020.

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