You Need a Contactless Menu Builder — Here’s Why

With the upcoming flu season, the safety of both the diner and restaurant staff is of the utmost importance. When dealing with viruses that are spread by coming in close contact with one another, the mind immediately differs to “contactless”. And we’ve heard a lot about going contactless lately, especially with the return of QR codes. But given the probability that COVID-19 isn’t ending any time soon, safety isn’t the only option to offer a customer when ordering from your online menu. For this reason we’ve combined safety and experience to bring you a contactless menu builder — an all-inclusive opportunity to interact safely with your diner while learning more about them, and even saving yourself a few bucks in the process.

The current restaurant menu format for an online menu is simple– a list of options for the customer to choose from with a simple e-commerce connection to allow diners to order and pay online. If a customer is interested in finding out the nutrition information of the items they are ordering, or have a food allergy by chance, they can view this nutrition information on a separate page of the website. Typically the nutrition information is in PDF format, isn’t mobile friendly, and doesn’t account for changes made to meals. If a diner omits the cheese from their burger, they’re pretty much stuck guesstimating the caloric and nutritional changes that occur with this altered order. On the other hand, a person with allergies has an even more difficult time. The lack of nutritional information available to make a safe decision makes dining out risky, and for approximately 30 MILLION Americans, this display of nutrition information is not only highly inconvenient, but potentially dangerous. This is why choosing a contactless menu builder to integrate into your online menu is so important.

Providing a safe menu for your diner might start with a QR code, but that’s just the beginning. We include them FREE in our MealBuilder contactless menu builder program.

Safe & Contactless

Now that you know what a contactless menu builder is not, now we can begin to breakdown what it is. A contactless menu builder is an innovative technology that turns your menu into an interactive experience for your customer. Instead of a list of menu items, your menu becomes full of options that cater to your customer according to their dietary needs. The contactless menu builder is first, of course, contactless. What this means is that it’s all online and customers can access it online when they want to order for delivery, or they can access your interactive menu through a QR code if they happen to visit your dining room. The contactless portion of your menu builder is a key component for providing a safe dining experience to your customer. You’ll be surprised how dirty physical restaurant menus can get! And when one person after another touches the same menu, virus spread becomes a huge issue.

Seamless Datashare

Since our contactless menu builder was built as an extension of our nutrition analysis software, when you create your custom menu it comes with a live-feed from your nutritional database. Thus making the nutritional information PDF unnecessary. Why? Because we have a built-in API that seamlessly shares data between one platform to the next. For those of you who aren’t tech-savvy, an API stands for Application Programming Interface and it allows apps to communicate with each other. In the case of our programs, our MenuCalc recipe database support our contactless menu builder (MealBuilder), which then communicates with your online menu, providing information to both you and the diner in real-time. What does this look like you ask?

When a customer visits your website, goes to your menu and views the meal options, they can immediately see the nutritional information for your menu items however it doesn’t stop there. When your customer interacts with a menu item by removing or adding an ingredient, the nutritional information displayed then reflects their changes. Each ingredient is made up of different nutrients, so each change will impact the nutrition and allergen information in your menu item. We track both.

menu builder

Each ingredient has it’s own unique nutrient density profile and caloric value. Reducing calories is all about understanding ingredients.

Then on the restaurant side, you receive reports based on how your customer interacted with your data, giving you the opportunity to learn the preferences of your diner in a unique way. If your business is built upon the food you sell, some of the most valuable information you can receive is how your diner interacts with your product. These reports have the capability to give you insight that allow you to revise recipes that aren’t selling well, reduce your costs or even test out new menu items confidently. With MealBuilder, you’ll always have a bird’s eye view of your customer interaction with your most prized possession — your food.

Interactive Data Collection

The other components of the contactless menu builder are just as important. The “menu builder” portion is exactly as it sounds, you now have the opportunity to build your menu in a custom way that can suit your personal needs as a restaurant. These needs can go into anything that is a direct “pain point” to your restaurant specifically. Perhaps you need to understand your target audience a bit better or maybe you want to get an idea of ingredients on your menu that your customer removes. A contactless menu builder can create an ideal menu that allows you the opportunity to solve these struggles internally through strategically collected data. Which brings us to our next benefit: data tracking.

It’s highly likely that you are familiar with analytics via google or your POS system. And you probably also know how valuable this data is when it comes to understanding your online traffic, profit margins and other key points that impact your ability to generate revenue. Something you may have not considered is the data that can be collected by the customer’s interaction with your online menu. After all, you are selling food. Your food is your product, and how a consumer interacts with a product is powerful information.

menu builder data

Detailed data reports give you insights about your menu to help you craft promotions that will reach your specific dining audience.

For instance: if you specialized in sandwiches and your roast beef au jus was your best seller and came with roast beef, provolone and sweet peppers but your contactless menu builder data reports indicate that 35% of the time, customers removed the provolone from your roast beef sandwich, you can confidently reduce your cheese order from your distributor. Thus reducing your costs and food waste while increasing your profit margins on sandwiches sold at the same price without cheese. When you add up the numbers over several locations, that’s a whole lotta cheddar (money) saved! Or in this case, provolone.

Retarget & Repeat

The icing on the MealBuilder cake is our contactless menu builder’s ability to not only “learn” about your target customer, but also retarget them. Because of the data collected in the analytics portion of this phenomenal tool, it is easy to retarget your preferred customer for repeat business. By learning how customers interact with your restaurant’s online menu, it’s easy to choose effective promotions, because they’re based on actual data. And with the submission of a customer email, it’s easy to retarget each customer with promotions that suit their preferences specifically. And this feature can be refined to be a granular data intake and retarget campaign that connect straight to your social media pages.

Our goal with our contactless menu builder is to provide our clients, namely you, with the ability to have everything you need to serve your customer, all in one place. The QR code is just the beginning, how you choose to build your menu and connect with your customer, it completely in your hands.

Want to connect with us to start using your free QR Code and begin building your custom menu? Check out our page dedicated to MealBuilder— our custom contactless menu builder– and schedule a meeting with our team! We can’t wait to show you how to empower your menu with MealBuilder.

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