Why Your Pizza Restaurant Needs an Interactive Nutrition Calculator

Who doesn’t love a good piece of pie? This amazing comfort food is slice of heaven for nearly anyone above the age of 2. And if you’re one of the lucky one’s who are making this addictive cheesy deliciousness, our hat’s are off to you. Pizza is not only one of the most commonly-ordered meals on a Friday night, but one of the most customizable as well. Long before meal-customization came along in the form of a chipotle or other build-your-own concept, there was a pizza for every type of person. If you’re a meat-lover, you know that you can order everything from sausage and pepperoni to bacon and beef to go on your circular sunshine. If you’re a vegetarian, you can load on the plant-based goodness to your heart’s content. Heck, there’s even cheese-less or dairy-free versions now hitting restaurants everywhere for the vegans as well. Pizza is a dish that will forever be all-inclusive. And for this reason, we know that your pizza pairs well with more than breadsticks or your favorite beverage; it’s the perfect pairing for an interactive nutrition calculator.

Wait, What’s an Interactive Nutrition Calculator?

With New Years right around the corner and the “COVID 15” becoming an actual thing, we feel safe in asking you if you’ve ever tried using an app like, oh I don’t know, myfitnesspal? You know when you’re trying to be good and maybe lighten up your choices of toppings for pizza to give that waistline a break, you might just need an interactive nutrition calculator to track your meals. Well what myfitnesspal does for us consumers in regards to our waistlines, MealBuilder does for restaurant owners who operate build-your-own concepts (like pizza places). By pairing an interactive nutrition calculator like MealBuilder with a BYO concept, you allow the customer to understand the impact of their meal choices, in real time.

Live Nutrition Analysis

Wait so you mean when I choose my toppings for my favorite pizza, I can see the calories, fat, carbohydrate, fiber and protein values right away? Yep. That’s exactly what we mean (we knew you were a genius). That’s exactly what an interactive nutrition calculator does: it calculates nutrition as you interact with it. Pretty cool right? So what does this mean for a pizza restaurant operator?

Well first it means that you can appeal to your customers in an entirely new way. By default, the display of your caloric values on your website are pretty important. Matter of fact, if you’re over 20 locations, it’s actually required by the FDA. And what’s even more interesting is that surpassing the regulation by the FDA for the display of this information is the demand of the diner. Yep, that right. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to play an active role in the nutrition composition of the foods they consume when dining out. And this is what makes MealBuilder such a beautiful way to tie it all together.

interactive nutrition calculator MealBuilder

Meal Builder is just the beginning of the virtual dining experience. Take back your dining room vibe and bring it to your website with smart menus.

MealBuilder is Only the Beginning

The interactive nutrition calculator, MealBuilder, is not just a smart way to connect with your diner, it’s just the beginning when it comes to creating your very own digital operating system for your restaurant. During the impending second wave of COVID-19, dining rooms are once again experiencing the threat of shutdown. Now, instead of creating a fun environment and a memorable experience for your patrons via your dining room, you are now restricted to merely selling food. And for many of those who have entered into the restaurant industry or have taken over the family business, simply “selling food” was never the intention. It’s the reason why Nonna’s recipe has been the foundation for your pizza sauce for 5 generations — the goal was to create a unique experience that people could enjoy for decades to come.

Tools like MealBuilder allow restaurant owners to take back the “experience” that was taken when they were forced close their dining rooms. An interactive nutrition calculator is only the beginning to what could be a completely interactive dining experience. Curious how this all works? Wondering how you could harness the experience of your dining room and bring it your website?

Good. Contact us here and mention Smart Menus. We’ll give you the skinny on everything from interactive nutrition calculators to QR codes to go contactless and even some options for marketing campaigns. We hope you’re just as excited for Smart Menus as we are to order pizza tonight. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…..”

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