The New Way to Complete a Menu Nutrition Analysis

So you’re a restauranteur who has a menu with 30 (or 300) recipes and you are ready to undertake the menu nutrition analysis process with a great DIY platform. (We can think of at least one). The only thing holding you back is that you aren’t a nutrition professional, and you’re worried that you may not be entering recipes correctly or verifying your ingredient entries accurately in regards to their nutrition information. Yikes. This is a concern we hear quite often being one of those handy DIY menu nutrition analysis platforms. And while our database is accurate and the entry process is user-friendly, the potential for human error is present. There is a very evident divide between the nutrition professionals and the food professionals of the food industry: one exists to understand the data and the other lives to make that data taste good. We are the former. But if you find yourself fitting within the latter category, we understand your plight. This is why we’ve rolled out an opportunity for you to enter this semi-daunting DIY project with complete confidence.

A Consulting Hybrid

If you’re a small business, hiring an industry expert Registered Dietitian can be pricey, worth it, but pricey. As a solution to save a few bucks, the bigger projects like menu nutrition analysis tend to fall on the culinary staff. And if you’re a business owner who happens to be the head chef, that can be a pretty hefty weight on your shoulders. And if outsourcing isn’t an option, you’re left wondering how you can not only enter all of your recipes into the database, but enter them correctly for an accurate menu nutrition analysis. So what do you do?

Well if you’re a MenuCalc customer, this is when you would seek out the help of our nutrition team for a recipe review. For a fraction of the cost of consulting and 100% peace of mind, you can have a nutrition professional review your entered recipes and check for errors and inconsistencies. Whoa, do I smell a game-changer?

menu nutrition analysis

Need to do a DIY menu nutrition analysis but lack the nutrition skills to make sure your entries are accurate? We’ve got a solution for that.

Enter Ingredients Confidently

To err is, well, human. It only takes the addition of an extra character to throw of a menu nutrition analysis. One wayward pinky-strike and your penne pasta could quickly contain 10,000 calories instead of 1,000. We see it all the time, and not only that, but we are trained to look for it. The amazing thing about teaming up with MenuCalc’s nutrition professionals is that combined, our eyes have overseen no less than a million different recipes. Down to a single ingredient, we are easily able to discern what may have caused a recipe entry to go awry.

If you’re entering ingredients and find that something just doesn’t seem right, that’s when you can quickly send in your menu item in for a recipe review. It’s not uncommon for menu recipes to contain several smaller recipes that contribute the the larger, final recipe. And when you’ve created your final recipe masterpiece, it may be difficult to discern the source of the menu nutrition analysis malfunction. This is where our nutrition team comes in.

Small Price, Big Results

The best thing about opting for a recipe review is that you control the cost. Say you’ve entered 50 recipes but there are 2 that just don’t make sense to you. You don’t need to put in for 50 reviews, instead, submit the two menu recipes that are boggling your brain the most and for under $60/recipe, you can have a licensed Registered Dietitian perform a comprehensive review of your recipe and highlight any errors. With everything that you have to accomplish in a single day to make your restaurant run smoothly, your menu nutrition analysis shouldn’t be the one thing holding you back.

Place your riskier recipes in the hands of a professional that works for the platform you trust. Contact us to learn more about recipe reviews for your menu nutrition analysis. 



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