Create Regular Customers Online Using Only Your Restaurant Menu

Every restaurant loves their regulars, am I right? And why shouldn’t they? They’re the best kind of customers! Typically, a regular comes in so often that you know them by name, you’ve memorized their order and they likely have a favorite server. The regular becomes a source of guaranteed revenue and you’ve become a part of their weekly, if not daily, routine. At some point you’ve probably reference that regular and said something along the lines of:

“Now, if we could just have about 1,000 more Steve’s…”   

What if we told you that you have the power to clone as many Steve’s as you would like, and you already have (99% of) the tools to do so? Well, it’s true. You just aren’t using them! That’s right, you have all the tools you need to create repeat business out of your web visitors and the solution has been under your nose the either time. Curious? Do we have your attention? Good.

SmartMenu takes every website visitor and transforms them into a regular customer through diner tracking, feedback and rapport-building via a user-friendly experience.

Connecting With Your Regulars 

The predictability of the regular customer is such a wonderful thing. Once your restaurant has become a part of a person’s routine, the likelihood of that customer taking their business elsewhere is slim to none. They are essentially the perfect customer. No wonder we all wish for more of them!

Let’s break down the beauty of the regular: 

  1. You’ve developed rapport enough to know their name (and probably their life story)
  2. They order the same thing OR have a few orders that they gravitate towards. 
  3. They come in about the same time each day and on certain days of the week.

What are the benefits of knowing these things about a customer? Our thoughts gravitate toward stability, repeat revenue, order prediction and and overall familiarity with someone in your customer base (to name a few). Or in laments terms: you know exactly what they want, when they want it, and they’re always happy to do business with you. Now, apply those benefits to your entire customer base. That would change a couple things wouldn’t it? This is where SmartMenu comes in to create regular customers online using your menu.

Hidden Data

Hidden within your website menu is everything you need to know about your customer — the dishes they like, the time of day they visit, and their ordering patterns — you just don’t look at it that way.  Until now, an online menu has been a list of food items that a customer could interact with to fulfill their order. Applying SmartMenu allows you to log those interactions.  Smartmenu uncovers the hidden data within your menu (and diner interactions with said menu) to allow you to get to know everything about your customer to successfully re-target them for repeat business. 

SmartMenu Captures:

  • Customer location
  • Date and Time of order
  • Customer Email (when they opt in)
  • Customer Phone (when they opt in)
  • Customer Order
  • Changes to order
  • Customer Ordering patterns

SmartMenu is an intuitive customer tracking and data analytics application that can be applied to your website menu to capture your customer’s preferences, ordering patterns, and other insights that would allow you to get into the mind of your dining audience. With this information, you would never have to guess what promotions to run month to month, or if a menu item is successful. SmartMenu eliminates those gray areas and provides the ability to simply check the data on whatever part of your menu (or diner behavior) is in question! 

Let’s Go Virtual…

Now everyone can become a regular, so to speak, and we’re gonna show you how exactly you can create regular customers online by utilizing SmartMenu.  Let’s begin by transforming “Steve the regular” to virtual Steve, the online customer.  Let’s say Steve the Regular comes in every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am and orders a Grand Slam Breakfast. After years of rapport building, you know that Steve is from Chicago and has a wife and 2 kids. And you know that because they all visit every other Friday at 7pm for dinner. You often give Steve promotions on his favorite menu items because you know he’ll appreciate it and that he’ll be back to use them. 

In a single ordering session, virtual Steve the online customer or visits your online menu from his home computer in Chicago. Because SmartMenu is tracking your customer interactions with your menu, you can see that Steve logs in at 7:30 am every Tuesday and Thursday and he orders a Grand Slam. Steve orders the Grand Slam with extra bacon instead of sausage and he prefers his eggs scrambled. You also notice that he also orders food every other Friday around 6:30. Only on Fridays, he orders multiple menu items instead of a single order and 2 of those items are kid’s meals. Using SmartMenu, what took you years to learn about Steve the Restaurant Regular, you can learn virtually in a matter of minutes. Then, you can retarget these customers based on their ordering preferences, times and other behaviors by crafting promotions that are tailored to their needs. Now, with this tracking and retargeting technology via SmartMenu, you really can have 1000 Steve’s. Probably more. 

Are you intrigued? Would you like to make the most out of your menu? Contact us today and let SmartMenu create regular customers online from your web visitors. You’re only a few clicks from launch.

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