Tech Features Every Digital Restaurant Menu Should Have

If 2020 wasn’t the crash course for digitizing your menu ordering and delivery methods, we don’t know what was. In one quick swoop, the entire restaurant industry went from business-as-usual to adopting technology to help patrons order safely and quickly. And if we’re honest, it’s been an efficient adaptation. With Covid-19 laying the ground work for technology to now play a main character role in foodservice, digital business will only become more refined as the years go on. With that being said, how well have you adapted? Are you behind or ahead of the curve? Well we’re here to help you figure that out. If your restaurant menu has 3 or more of these 5 features, you are well on your way to operating at full speed. If not, then we have some tools that we believe you’ll love. Either way, here are the 5 digital restaurant menu features you should have in 2021.

Feature #1: Diner Tracking 

In any other industry, customers are thoroughly vetted through technology that determines a customer’s value as a lead/readiness to complete a sale via a list of criteria such as location, gender, various characteristics and even their income bracket! In this day and age, a salesperson in any other industry expects a full report to determine whether or not the lead they have is worth pursuing. Now, the restaurant industry doesn’t have salespeople, per se, but that doesn’t mean we should be any less educated on the value or characteristics of our customer base in order to serve them well. And this can be accomplished through diner tracking.

digital restaurant menu features

If your menu doesn’t have a tracking feature, is it really a digital restaurant menu? Bring your online menu up to speed with features that help you understand your target audience in a whole new way.

Get an inside look at who your diner is and where they are coming from with digital restaurant menu features like diner tracking. If you’re curious about your customer’s preferred time to visit or their ordering habits, diner tracking can assist you in building what we like to call “background rapport” with your target audience. It’s easier to market things to your customers when you know the characteristics of your average customer. Promotions become more timely, almost ironic to the customer as you build an arsenal of information that can be used to reach the right customer at the right time.

Feature #2: Diner Insights/Preferences

Once the basic characteristics of your customer have been established and they’re ready and willing to place an order on your site, the next level of tracking falls under diner insights. After visiting your online menu multiple times, a customer will likely establish an ordering pattern. If your diner enjoys their cheeseburger without pickles, they will likely order it again the same way — especially if they fall in love with your cheeseburger. With diner preference tracking you can begin to understand the mind of your customer in a detailed way. Learn their cuisine and ingredient preferences by observing and tracking each individual order until a pattern has developed. As the data grows, so does your familiarity with your audience.

Feature #3: Retargeting

Now that you’ve gathered all of that valuable information, what can you do with it? The answer is: a lot. The whole purpose of gathering these insights and tracking the habits of your diner is so that you can effectively keep them coming back for more. And this is done by applying your tracking information to your marketing campaigns. When your know what time of day your client orders, their most frequent order, and the average cost of their order, what more do you need to capture repeat business from that same customer? An opportunity. And this can be accomplished with a well-placed capture attached to a customer profile. When your customer’s information can be captured and linked to their ordering habits, the sky is the limit — or should we say, your revenue has no limits? Dare we? We do.

Feature #4: Customer Profiles

Pretty self-explanatory. All of this tracking information needs a place to go right? Now everyone (especially those in marketing) loves a good report, but what about a way for the information to be tied to and individual? This is where customer profiles come in. By allowing a customer to create a profile, not only are you gathering information for a great customer loyalty program, but you now have a granular, detailed record of your customer’s preferences on a per-person basis. And with the right programming, you can begin to retarget your customer using their very own preferences tied to a promotion catered to the individual. Now that’s powerful.

digital restaurant menu features

What’s even better than tracking your customer’s ordering patterns? Identifying who they are. With customer profiles, you can easily target your customers, send out promotions and manage your audiences, all in one place.

Feature #5: A/B Testing

We aren’t going to candy coat it: testing out new menu recipes is expensive. The amount of man hours that go into product development, testing and data retrieval are innumerable. And if a product flops, it can cost the company priceless time and a hefty investment in the effort. Instead of hiring a third party to test out your menu items in groups, let your web visitors serve as your test group. SmartMenu opens the door for customer communication straight through your online menu. Want to know if your customer likes their order? Send a follow up text. Curious about how they altered the promotional menu item to suit their personal tastes, include a survey. The sky is the limit when it comes to your ability to communicate with your customers online.

So where do you rank on the feature list? One or two? All? Or perhaps, none? No matter where you land, we are here to help you spread your menu technology wings and soar to new revenue heights. The sky is the limit. Are you ready? Contact us. 

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