How Texting Your Customers Could Potentially Increase Your Revenue — A lot.

In the last year of having to operate throughout a pandemic, restaurant owners learned a valuable lesson in how they connect with their customer base. Those who had previously implemented loyalty programs and had a lush communication system open to their patrons found that it was easier to meet diner demand as strict regulations regarding dining began to be enforced on both the state and Federal levels. Unfortunately, those who were most-reliant on an in-house, face-to-face communication process found things to be a bit harder and had to digitally adapt to the changing environment or close. One particular FSR chain was able to increase their marketing campaign conversion rates and ROI 600% during this time. But how? Personalization i.e. texting your customers.

texting your customers

Who knew that texting your customers could increase your revenue? We did. We knew.

According to an article featured on Restaurant Business Online, TGIFriday’s launched text-marketing back in September of 2020, apprehensive of the results. Their loyalty program had been hit hard during COVID and their monthly intake was down 50% at 20,000 users/month from a previous 40K. Since the SMS rollout, the program has averaged 62,000 users per month with an average conversion rate of 5.4% (a huge improvement from the 0.9% email conversion). It has been observed that the more personalized the campaign, the higher the potential for conversion. Consumers aren’t satisfied with the generic promo that goes out to everyone, there’s a certain excitement around receiving a promotion created just for them, and they’re eating it up — literally. According to the same article:

“Messages are accompanied by a link leading to an ordering page. About 15% of users click through those links, and 84% of that group order the item, Guzman said, a rate that is “absolutely” better than its email marketing conversion.”

So what does that mean for your menu? And how can you get in on the latest communication strategies within the food industry? (Incoming, shameless plug) SmartMenu. SmartMenu’s premiere feature is it’s cell phone and email capture which turns your menu into it’s very own CRM for marketing and re-targeting so that texting your customers can become a reality. We’re jumping ahead. If you haven’t been reading our articles the last few weeks, let us get you up to speed.

What is SmartMenu?

SmartMenu is a marketing and re-targeting widget that operates by embedded code right from your very own menu. Enabling SmartMenu allows you to collect client data — such as cell phone, email and other criteria, and then offer promotions through your menu. And you aren’t limited to cell and email capture. With SmartMenu Analytics, you can begin to get into the mind of your target diner by tracking their behavior as they navigate your menu and then target customers via text message during and after their order.

Smarter, More Personalized Re-targeting

Once your diner has submitted their information, you have the option of retargeting them with their your latest offers and then SmartMenu ups the ante. With SmartMenu installed on your menu homepage you can begin to gather a report reflecting your customer’s preferences. As you begin to notice a pattern of how your customer navigates your menu, you can re-target them by using their most ordered items as promotions. Don’t want to get that personal? Offer a specialized discount for ordering, subscribing and more. There are no limits to what you can do once you have the ability to customize your marketing campaigns around texting your customers.

Increase Your Revenue

As proven by the case studies and the food chains brave enough to launch similar features, it’s easy to see why a personalized touch positively impacts your bottom-line. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel special. The more that technology can register the preferences of a customer, the more convenient it becomes and the more likely the customer is to use it. The 84% order rate for ordering page links attached to personalized text message speaks to that. As these features grow and evolve there is no limit to how you can communicate, and ultimately, grow by utilizing personalized marketing efforts to convert your web visitors into customers. A 600% ROI. What would that mean for you?

Want to learn more about how SmartMenu Works? Interested in launching personalized messaging for your menu? Book your walk-thru and kick-off next quarter with a bang. 

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