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SmartMenu affords restaurants a unique opportunity to expand their profit margins by reducing the A/B test turnaround time and increasing customer interaction through innovative restaurant technology.

As the landscape of the foodservice market place begins to evolve to serve a more digitally-based world, more and more businesses are finding that their traditional ways of connecting with their customers have become outdated. And as this realization hits, the search for updated options for consumer connection has become a priority and has unearthed one common problem: business owners are severely lacking the one thing that could help them survive in this new digital environment, and that is data. Data is the key that unlocks the understanding into what consumers are looking for out of their purchases.

The CEO of S3 Agency, Denise Blasevik, explains the new sales environment:  “Businesses that weren’t using data before have certainly learned they need to in order to survive now that everything is even more digital,” Blasevick says.

As a restaurant technology company that serves the food industry, we can’t help but agree. It’s no secret that the foodservice industry has been notoriously behind the curve in the area of technology. Until COVID, hundreds of thousands of restaurants still operated by taking orders via pen and paper, face to face, from customers reading from paper menus.  These restaurants quickly found that once cross-contamination became an issue, their whole system of operation had to immediately change in order to simply keep their doors open. And some never recovered.

COVID- Inspired Tech Updates

During this last year, we at MenuCalc began to see the holes in the communication between restaurant and diner and the ripple effect that it caused in marketing and retargeting campaigns created by foodservice businesses to reach their customers. As a result, we began to realize that we held a lot of that value data that restaurants have needed to make these connections. And it was resting right in our databases, we simply needed to make it accessible and create a communication pathway that connects restaurants with their target diners, and vice versa. And that connection is called SmartMenu.

To put it very simply, SmartMenu harnesses the granular ingredient data housed within your restaurant menu and tracks how your diners interact with it. But then we take it a step further by deploying a slider that allows for direct communication between customer and restaurant. This slider functions as a mini-CRM system, equipped the capability to log customer information and also communicate new information to the diner. The combination of data-tracking and free-form communication with the customer, effectively bridging the gap to assist in creating concrete marketing campaigns driven by actual data collected on actual customers visiting actual restaurants they enjoy.

Testing out promotions and marketing campaigns is an arduous, expensive process. With eyes on your customer interaction with your menu during the ordering process plus the ability to speak with them via text slider through this innovative restaurant technology, SmartMenu offers a unique view to apply your your campaigns. This type of data plus free form communication gives the restaurant an upper hand in regards to determining successful promotions by using their actual customer’s data and repurposing it to reel them in for repeat purchases.

A/B Testing

The text slider also gives food service brands the opportunity to test promotional campaigns side by side. Furthermore, the slider allows for almost anything to be tested in-menu. Traditional A/B testing is notoriously drawn out and expensive with limited data feedback. As a result, this makes menu changes nearly impossible and their profit margins dismal once testing has been conducted, surveys have been filled out and data has been collected. Hence the reason why popular franchises rely on their tried and true classics to drive revenue. Combining unique diner tracking with in-menu communication/ information capture instead provides a unique opportunity for restaurants to be more flexible with their menu and promotions while collecting priceless feedback.

If you’re ready for an innovative way to gain diner insights, increase your profit margins while becoming more tech forward while the industry landscape evolves, SmartMenu is your go to tool. Instead of deploying platforms simply to be tech-forward, shouldn’t your platforms make sense? Contact us to learn how to implement SmartMenu’s innovative features on your menu, today. 


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