Meet SmartMenu: Problem-Solving Menu Technology for Restaurants

Throughout the last 10 years of working with food business professionals and restaurant chains of all shapes and sizes, we’ve done a lot of listening, particularly when it comes to giving an ear to pain-points that our clients express. And in the past decade the most prevalent story that we’ve heard from all of our clients was that their ability to understand their customers was one big gray area. And as a technology company that thrives on data, we simply don’t subscribe to gray areas. For every problem needing solving, there is data available to make an educated decision. With this understanding, we realized that we needed a catalyst that would allow us to provide that crucial data to our clients. With our client’s pain points in mind, we sat down as a team to develop a data-driven approach that would be easy to implement and even easier to use that would bring about the greatest positive impact to solve our restaurant client’s pain points. Lo and behold, SmartMenu was born. Keep reading and help us decide if we’ve gotten it right. Below you will find an overview of what SmartMenu can do for you. Ladies and gentlemen, meet SmartMenu.

SmartMenu is the technology you didn’t know your menu needed.

Benefit #1: Seamless Datashare to Your Online Menu

Don’t you love the long-tail process of downloading massive amounts of information from one platform and uploading it to another? That was a test. We hate it too. At one time, downloading nutrition information from your MenuCalc account (or other recipe databases) and uploading it to your online menu was the epitome of modern technology, and we were happy to provide it. Well as technology evolves and becomes more refined, so do the features what we can provide for you. And it just so happens that the data-share process just got a heck of lot easier.

With the help of an intuitive API in place, you can now share data from your MenuCalc account straight onto your online menu, no uploading or downloading necessary.

Benefit #2: Diner Insights

The number one complaint we’ve heard from our restaurant clients over the last decade is that they tend to feel disconnected from what their customers truly want. We receive high level research reports on current and upcoming trends, we have platforms that give us insight on what consumers are looking for on a menu, but nothing that deliberately pertains to a restaurant’s very own menu and their very own customers. This is where things really get interesting. With the implementation of a dynamic nutrition page, SmartMenu is able to track the dietary preferences, allergens, and ingredient preferences of your customers during the ordering process on your menu.  This data can assist with stream-lined promotions based on customer meal preferences, increasing your potential for repeat business. 

Why wonder what your customers want when you can not only know what they enjoy, but retarget them with data-backed promotions?

Benefit #3: A/B Testing

A/B testing, dare we open this can of worms? If you’ve been in restaurant operations for any length of time, you know how expensive and exhausting the process is for testing out new menu items amongst multiple locations. The surveys must be taken and the product refined based upon customer feedback. It’s a headache. With SmartMenu, you can have a bird’s eye view of how your customers interact with your promotional test items and even collect information from them in real time during the ordering process with an customizable customer information capture.

A/B testing made simple and affordable? It almost sounds too good to be true.

Benefit #4: Mini CRM Slider

No, not the White Castle kind. A customer information capture that you can insert directly on your restaurant menu to capture customer information for retargeting. Whether you want to promote a customer loyalty program or some other promotion, this slider allows you to customize the text and appeal to the audience of your choosing. There’s no limits to how much information you can gather and how you can use it to drive more business.

Does this brief introduction leave you wanting more? Good, we wanted it that way.

To find out more about SmartMenu, it’s benefits, and how easy it is to implement it into your menu, join us LIVE on Thursday 5/20/20 @ 10AM PST for our SMARTMENU Webinar. Join using this link.


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