Why Consumers Want Nutrition Facts on Restaurant Menus

We swear we aren’t being biased, but we are excited. As a nutrition analysis platform, it’s been pretty cool to see the demand increase for nutrition information to be displayed on more and more restaurant menus. And while it’s a requirement for foodservices businesses with 20+ locations, it’s the smaller guys that are actually chomping at the bit for menu nutrition facts. Why? Because their diners are asking! And if you’re reading this article, chances are that your customers have probably asked a time or two as well.

Growing Trends

You might be thinking to yourself: What do they want to know the calories for anyway? My menu isn’t healthy! How are menu nutrition facts relevant? But truth be told, this demand has a lot less to do with calories, and far more to do with ingredients! At this time in our society, we are experiencing a massive shift from traditional ways of eating and we’re moving into plant-based. And this trend is expected to grow exponentially over the upcoming years. Why? Because people aren’t going plant-based for their waist-lines. It’s not a diet fad. After years and years of turning a blind eye to our environment, we as a consumer group have all witnessed the reports on the state of our planet and have decided to do something about it. 

Menu nutrition facts are so much more than calories. Customers are curious about cuisine type and ingredients, the OTHER side of nutrition!

In an article released by the Physician’s Committee, going plant-based has 5 major benefits: 

  1. Going plant-based reduces the impact of climate change
  2. Eating plant-based saves water. 
  3. Minimizes agricultural land usage. 
  4. Alleviates hunger
  5. Saves lives!

With the changes that are taking place with the plant-based movement, a growing number of the American population is choosing to reduce the amount of meat they consume. This particular group, called Flexitarians, consider themselves “meat-reducers” and will often opt for a plant-based meal multiple nights during the week — including when they dine out. For this reason, many of our current restaurant clients who already have calories on their menus, have chosen to expand into offering a sophisticated interface which allows their diners to select whether they would like to dine “traditionally (animal-based)” or “plant-based”.

Meeting Customer Demands

Making this simple distinction has allowed our very own restaurant clients to meet customer demand while alleviating the demand on their wait-staff to answer diet-related questions. Applying the plant-based options to the restaurant menu also make it easier for customers to dine by their preferences and feel good about their dining experiences. Nutrition isn’t limited to the caloric value of a menu item, it applies to all of the ingredients that make up a meal. Understanding the cuisine preferences of your customer makes you look at nutrition in a whole new light. Your diner cares about your ingredients. And that’s what makes nutrition all the more relevant.

For more information on diner trends and menu ideas, take a look at our resource center! 

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