Plant-Based Substitute Review for Restaurant Menus

If you tuned in with us last week, you’re already on your way to understanding what brands are great at bringing the right components to your restaurant menu. As we all know, plant-based is not only a trend, but a movement that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In the United States as a society, we are becoming more aware than ever that the way we eat has an impact on not only our health, but the environment we live in. So given that we serve the restaurant community in nutrition, connecting the dots from our nutrition reporting to healthy foods, is something we’re able to do! We are able to see how quickly you are adopting plant-based items to meet your customer demand. That’s right, we see you! Here’s a few more brands that we feel are worth adding to your repertoire and requesting from your distributor.

Plant-Based Substitute #1: JUST foods, JUST EGG

Everyone loves going out to breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. However, if you’re vegan, it’s slim pickins’ when it comes to finding a restaurant that will be able to actually serve you that weekend experience. One product can change all of that. If you’re a restaurant that serves breakfast, we want to introduce you to Just Foods. Their egg replacement, “Just Egg” is a great option to help you complete nearly any breakfast dish! This product tends to absorb the flavors that it’s combined with and then provides a very fluffy, egg-y texture that makes for a killer omelette, skillet, french toast, pancake — you name it! Put breakfast back on the menu for your plant-based guests with just one product change. Curious about cooking with JUST egg? Check out one of our recipes here. 

Rely on just egg to start serving up breakfast to all your local plant-based lovers!

Plant-Based Sub #2: Morning Star Maple Sausages

Uh oh, looks like we’ve got a theme going here. It’s time for breakfast! Morning star is a brand that has been long looked to for providing plant-based goodness. And what goes perfect with a an omelette? We’ll a “meat” of your choice of course! Most often when people are opting for plant-based for the first time, they tend to try to find dishes (or replicate them at home) that resemble recipes that they’re used to. So it’s not uncommon for plant-based newbies to reach for a substitute. Morning Star makes a sausage patty that provides a great texture and flavor that will make them feel like they’re not missing out on a thing.

Plant-Based Substitute #3: Dave’s Killer English Muffins

We know what you’re gonna ask: “Well isn’t bread already plant-based?” Most of the times, yes. However, if you serve english muffins, that answer is actually usually “no”. Most English muffins contain egg and/or milk to create their crater-like texture. However, there is a brand who is completely animal-free! Dave’s Killer Bread for the win. Use Dave’s when creating breakfast sandwiches, benedicts and even just your customer’s side of toast. Using Dave’s Killer Bread products makes it possible for you to promote plant-based foods with confidence. Use Dave’s bread slices in combination with JUST Egg to create amazing Vegan french toast or create a sausage, egg and cheese muffin (vegan of course) by combining all 3 ingredients listed in this article!

Want to see how it’s done? Here you go, the first plant-based recipe is on us!

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