5 Ways Using a SmartMenu for Your Recipes Promotes Customer Retention

One of the many ways customers seek healthier options is through accurate information. The health-conscious customer relies on restaurants that are transparent about the nutritional facts in their recipes. 

For too long, business owners have been forced to analyze nutritional information on their own, or through an expensive consultant. This ends up becoming a costly and time-consuming venture for restaurants. This arduous task takes owners’ focus away from their most important mission, which is serving their customer base. Now, with SmartMenu technology, it’s never been easier to achieve customer retention.

Customer Retention Starts With Accurate Information

SmartMenu technology analyzes recipes in real-time depending on the specifications of the customer. This allows customers to obtain precise information about their orders. The ordering process becomes smoother, easier, and more streamlined for the entire business at large. For customers with allergies, dietary restrictions, or who simply want to eat healthier, this is a game-changer. 

SmartMenu software brings the most accurate nutritional information to your menu, so you can better serve your customer base.

How SmartMenu Helps With Customer Retention Strategies

  • Provides Options for Customers with Allergies or Restrictions

Today, more customers than ever require specialty ingredients to fully enjoy their meals. When customers see a commitment to providing allergy-friendly options, trust is strengthened, and they’re likely going to return. SmartMenu even comes equipped with an allergy-flagging feature. This way, customers and business owners alike will know when a common allergen is included in their meal. 

Nutrition facts change as customers add or customize their orders to their specifications. Accurate information is communicated instantaneously, and therefore builds greater customer retention.

  • Helps with Menu Expansion

Building a menu takes time. It’s the backbone of everything you’ll create in your business. On top of this, analyzing nutritional data becomes another added stressor to menu creation. SmartMenu helps expand menu options with ease. 

When adding new items to the menu, SmartMenu technology will automatically evaluate a recipe’s nutritional information. This way, restaurant owners can add more options to their menu, and draw in more potential customers. Customers will anticipate newer, more exciting, and more inclusive menu options.

  • Organizes Menu Items

SmartMenu technology can also help to organize menu items. Easily sort recipes into plant-based, allergen-friendly, vegetarian, or gluten-free categories. Make the menu experience a user-friendly one. Your customers can navigate menu options with ease, and know what’s safe for them to eat. 

A restaurant that places value on its customers’ specialized diet is more likely to see higher retention rates.

  • Create Plant-Based Options with Ease

Reduce the stress and anxiety associated with finding vegan or plant-based options. Make plant-based options more accessible, and invite an entirely new customer base as a result. SmartMenu will even help you sort through brands and ingredients that are vegan or plant-based. 

There are over 300,000 ingredients in its database, and there’s an option to add more ingredients as well. This will help your business to easily expand its horizons. 

  • Customers Can Rely on Your Menu

Most importantly, customers will know they can rely on your menu for all of their nutritional needs. At the touch of a button, customers can access ingredient information, allergens, dietary fibers, sodium, carbohydrates, fat counts, and more. They’ll know that this information is accurate and up-to-date and that they’re at an establishment that cares.

Customer Retention for Small Businesses: It Gets to Be Easy

Small businesses rely on customer retention strategies to stay afloat and thrive. There’s no need to do more than necessary. It gets to be easy. MenuCalc is a one-stop shop for all things nutrition analysis. Save money, invest in your business, and grow your customer base with SmartMenu software. Contact us to learn more about the SmartMenu platform, and how you can get started today.

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