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A Calorie-Counting App That’s Just for Menus

As a consumer, by now you’ve probably heard of one calorie-counting app or another. From MyFitnessPal released by Under Armour to apps like Calorie Tracker, at some time, it’s highly likely you’ve ventured into the world of tracking your food through one of these apps in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. You create a profile, log in, and you can immediately begin entering the ingredients that made up your breakfast that very morning. During entry, you can expect an accurate calorie count to appear as well as the proper nutritional information to accompany your entries as you layer in ingredients so that you can begin to become aware of what your daily intake looks like.

MenuCalc is like MyFitnessPal, but for Menus! A smart tracker for nutrition and calorie-counting app for food establishment menu-items. Who knew? (we did, we knew)

From there you may tighten up your routine, reduce your calories, track your carbohydrates and change your personal intake menu on a day-to-day basis. This has become a well-known, commonplace activity for anyone looking to improve their health. Matter-of-fact, we’re sure that if you ask any one of your health-minded friends, they’ll recommend their favorite meal-tracker and/or calorie-counting app to you.

It’s Like MyFitnessPal, But For Menus

What’s not so commonplace is the understanding that the very same type of app exists for food establishments. That’s right. If you are in the food business and are responsible in some way for your menu’s creation, there is an app that can analyze your menu recipes and give you detailed information on the caloric values, nutritional information and even the allergens that exist in your menu items. Contrary to popular belief, your recipes do not need to be sent out to a dietitian for a pricey analysis (and each time thereafter every time you wish to change an ingredient). Just like MyFitnessPal, and other popular calorie-counting apps, you can create an account, login and begin entering the ingredients for your meals served at your establishment and receive an accurate account for all the nutrients found in your dishes.

Calorie-counting app - Philadelphia sodium law

The new Philadelphia sodium law states that a sodium warning must be placed next to menu items containing 2300 mg or more of sodium.

FDA Regulations Collide with Popular Dining Trends

Over the last few years, the FDA has required that food establishments with 20 or more locations to offer the calorie counts for their dishes listed on their menu. The information has to be easy to read and clear for the consumer to see in order to help them make educated choices about their health.

Simultaneously, consumers have been requesting this same information (and more) from food establishments so that they can accurately track their meals (probably in a calorie-counting app) and improve their health! You’ve probably experienced a customer or 10 who have asked if certain ingredients were present in your menu items (maybe for allergen reasons) and we’re positive that at least 50% of your serving team has been asked the question: “What’s healthy?”. In response, they’ve naturally given an answer to the best of their ability, but perhaps still leaving a gray-area due to the fact that the actual information for your establishment’s menu items weren’t readily available.

Problem Solving for Better Customer Service

Instead of the customer asking the server and the server running back to the cook to find out the individual components in your latest menu dishes, you can have access to that information at any given time with MenuCalc. Similar to a calorie-counting app (only better), you can enter your individual recipes into the database and MenuCalc will perform a thorough analysis of your menu items. The report produced will give you nutrition information for everything from the calorie count to the macronutrient/micronutrient counts (fancy terms for fat, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals) in your menu offerings. It will then flag your recipes for the Top 8 Food Allergens to offer your customer the knowledge they need for a safer dining experience, no gray-area included.

No more pricey dietitians, no more excel files. Your nutrition information will be instantly available to you in our suped-up calorie-counting app (plus some). You’re already familiar with how this works on a personal level, why not try it out for your business and experience the convenience and quality of an app created just for the food industry?

MenuCalc is the most-trusted menu-labeling app for the food industry. Contact us today to find out more. 

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