Nutritional Consulting Services Make the Analysis Process Even Easier

At MenuCalc®, our staff of dedicated recipe analysis professionals, Registered Dietitians and FDA menu labeling experts are ready to help lessen the load of completing your nutritional analysis. We’ll utilize the MenuCalc software platform on your behalf to give you the results you need, in a swift timeline so you can begin printing and posting your nutrition values . We offer a host of nutritional analysis consulting services, including:

Detailed Recipe Analysis

Having our dietitians perform the recipe analysis, and entry of your menu items into your MenuCalc, gives you and your staff more time to do what you do best. Take the work off your plate. Our expert staff will complete nutrition analysis for some or all of your recipes and prep recipes (from scratch items) and deliver results to you in fully completed report. They even work with your suppliers and food distributors to obtain all the brand label data you need for your restaurant.

Your MenuCalc Account Review

Have you already entered your recipes, but want that final check to confirm everything was entered correctly? It’s important to to miss critical nutrition analysis steps such as marinade pick-up, and correct weight entry for cooked vs. raw ingredients. Have one of our Registered Dietitians perform a detailed review of your already self-entered menu items in your MenuCalc account. Simply provide your recipe cards and an expert will cross-check and adjust entries if needed.

Healthier Menu Evaluation

Our dietitians will evaluate your recipes to find and suggest ways to make your menu healthier, more cohesive, or more allergen-friendly. We have years of industry experience with optimizing menus, resulting in impeccably designed menus backed by outstanding nutrition. MenuCalc consultants can also assist with menu regulatory compliance and food law advising.

Allergen Identification

MenuCalc staff will review your recipes for the presence of the eight major allergens and provide you with a comprehensive report. We are experts in crafting alternate recipes with phenomenal taste that are free from traces of:
Tree nuts

Consulting FAQs:

1. How much does MenuCalc Expert Consulting cost?
FoodCALC provides custom recipe analysis quotes tailored to each client’s menu. Quotes generally run anywhere from $60-$110 per recipe, with cost savings found from duplicate recipes, or vendor labels.

Our Allergen review services typically run anywhere from $30-$45 per item/recipe. A custom quote is tailored to each client’s menu.

2. How long does recipe analysis take?
Larger menus take more time, as do more complex recipes. We will work with you to determine your recipes and ingredients so that we can provide consulting services as quickly as possible.
3. What is entailed in the Allergen Review?

The process we follow inside your MenuCalc account:

  1. We need to open each recipe, review the ingredients.  Mark for all known allergens
  2. Then locate a supplier/brand product (e.g. Mama Mia’s Marinara Sauce), read over their ingredient statement and then confirm the presence allergens or not.
  3. Finally track both the ingredients from the recipe and the supplier/brand to the final menu item.
  4. Send a fully completed allergen review checklist in an easy to read and display format, that can be added to your website
4. What information must I provide to MenuCalc staff?
During a consultation, you will provide our consultants with a copy of all recipes, preps, and plating procedures you’d like us to analyze or evaluate. It’s always helpful to us if you provide the weight of each ingredient (both raw and cooked). We will also need your help collecting nutrition information for your unique supplier ingredients. We prefer our point of contact to be a person in the restaurant kitchen—someone who is familiar with all of the ingredients, recipes, and finished items.
5. How will I receive my results?
We will create an online MenuCalc analysis account for you, and all analysis will be available there. You can access our work throughout the duration of the project and for a limited time after completion. You’re also free to download your completed menu and recipe reports at any time at no extra cost. Don’t want to download them yourself? Your consultant can email, fax, or mail the reports to you at your request.
6. How do I get started?

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