MenuCalc’s Unique and Innovative Features Revolutionize Menu and Recipe Analysis

MenuCalc® is an online nutrition calculator for recipes, and an analysis software platform that allows you to easily and accurately calculate the nutritional content of your menu items. Designed specifically for restaurants, MenuCalc comes equipped with user-friendly features that make analysis even easier.

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In-App Tools Work With You For Inputting Recipes


Search our extensive ingredient database

Our USDA-compiled ingredient database can be easily searched by keyword and contains roughly 20,000 unique ingredients commonly found in the US diet. We’ve made it as streamlined as possible to locate the ingredients you need for your recipe analysis.

Enter your own proprietary ingredients

Can’t find your supplier’s special sauce in our database? Create a new ingredient in seconds and use it immediately in your recipes. Your added ingredients will remain in the system for future use.

Compare nutrients side-by-side

Quickly compare the sodium or trans fat contributions of every ingredient in your recipe or swap in alternatives to achieve just the right nutritional value you’re looking for.

Indicate portion sizes and other instructions

With built-in portion size calculators that display percent daily values for each recipe, you’ll be sure to accurately adjust your menu items to fit a myriad of requirements including calorie limits, sodium levels, and other health claims. You also have the ability within the platform to indicate cooking or plating instructions.

Automatically calculate volume units

MenuCalc automatically calculates the nutrient values for different quantities of every ingredient. Switch from three cups to three tablespoons and watch the nutritional values immediately repopulate.

Duplicate existing recipes

Restaurants frequently create two slightly different versions of the same recipe, but manually adding all the ingredients into the software again can be a chore. Duplicate an existing recipe to instantly save time, and easily switch out the ingredients you’d like to change.

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Easily Use, Modify, and Export Your Analysis

Save recipes as preps

Have a signature tomato cream sauce or house dressing that reappears throughout your menu? Save the recipe as a “prep” that you can seamlessly add to other menu items when inputting other recipes into our software.

Store recipes and analysis for later

View all of your completed recipes and menus in our centrally-located Product Library, and never lose track of your nutritional analysis again. As long as your account remains active, you can modify any of your recipes at no extra charge.

Export your nutrition analysis

MenuCalc allows for seamless exporting of your completed analysis. Download your nutrition results in .excel and .csv formats or choose to receive a full summary report (.doc)—perfect for sharing among employees.

We Keep Your Recipe Data Safe

Secure backup and recovery

All recipes and menus are backed up daily. In the rare event of server failure on our part, you can be assured that your recipes are instantly recovered.

Confidential account information

Security is our top priority. Every MenuCalc account is protected by our confidentiality agreement. As a PCI-Compliant site, we adhere to the strictest measures of online security. For a more in-depth look at our confidentiality policies, check out our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

What is MenuCalc?

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If you’re interested in utilizing MenuCalc to accurately and easily calculate your recipes and menus, we have several different pricing plans available to best fit your company’s needs. Unsure if MenuCalc is right for you? We encourage you to try our 15-day 5-recipe free trial to see the software in action.