How Does MenuCalc’s Nutrition Facts Analysis Stack Up Against the Competition?

Trusted for nutrition facts and analysis by thousands of restaurants and food service businesses worldwide, and international recognized brands:

MenuCalc® Online Database AnalysisAnalysis with CD SoftwareAnalysis by an Independent CompanyAnalysis by a Laboratory
Instant Nutrition ResultsGet new results 24/7 the moment you sign-up.Wait up to two weeks for shipping and installation.Wait for the completion of the work and delivery of results.Wait up to 30 days for results to return to you.
Access to Nutrition InformationAlways have access to your results and the full USDA-compiled database.Pay more than $1,500 to set up a server connection for easy access.Only receive your results.Only receive your results.
Ability to Modify RecipesEasily change your ingredients anytime from any computer.Modify recipes only from the computer where CD software has been installed.Pay up to $100 per recipe to submit modifications.Pay up to $800 to send a new sample for chemical analysis.
Learnable User-Friendly InterfaceGet live demos, weekly webinars, and daily access to expert staff if you get stuck.Pay up to $6,000 to train your employees on the complex software.N/AN/A
Outside Menu EvaluationIncluded in our expert consulting packages.CD software does not have this capability.Pay up to $700 for menu evaluation services.N/A
FDA-Approved Health Claims ProvidedInstantly receive a report of the health claims you qualify for.CD Software provides some of the more basic health claims.Pay more than $80 per recipe to receive qualifying health claims.Pay more than $100 per recipe to receive qualifying health claims
Multiple Account Users AllowedEasily add multiple users with secured access to the same account.Pay up to $1175 to set up a company network server.N/AN/A
Ability to Add Your Own IngredientsSeamlessly add new ingredients and apply them to any recipe in your library.Pay up to $25 per additional ingredient.N/AN/A

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As you can see, MenuCalc’s user-friendly online nutritional analysis software outperforms the competition in every category. If you’re interested in revolutionizing the way your restaurant analyzes nutrition, check out our 15-day 5-recipe free trial.