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After nearly 20 years of pain-point solving for some of the biggest names in the foodservice industry, we’re not saying we’re experts, but our clients certainly do.

Historical Data Tracking

Keep track of every edit made with historical data reporting. Your account library builds with every transaction made within the MenuCalc app. Track by username, ingredient edits & time stamps. Everything you need from an auditing perspective can be found right in the platform.

API Integrations

Now you can enable on unlimited datashare across the platforms where you need it most. Eliminate the need for extensive data entry by utilizing our nutrient-powered API.


Enhance the user experience of your customers by allowing them to build their meals and discover the nutrition changes as they choose their ingredients or make pairing within your menu. Create a live online menu that updates seamlessly from app to menu.

Introducing SKEPTIK User Error Flagging

Ever wonder how analysis works exactly or how total calories are calculated? Well, there is an exact science behind how those numbers add up: Each gram of Fat, Carbohydrate, and Protein contributes to the overall Calorie count of a food item and/or recipe. And though the math might be exact, entry errors can skew your counts and throw off your reporting.

This is where SKEPTIK comes in.

This smart feature combs through your ingredient entries, pinpointing user-error, ensuring flawless nutrition reporting of your menu-items. Whether an item was entered too quickly, the data provided to you was incorrect, or a value simply doesn’t add up, SKEPTIK will instantly alert you.

Now you can have that extra set of eyes on your analysis, even if they are a little bit SKEPTIK-al (see what we did there?).

Experience Axis

Did you know?

The FDA requires an up-to-date account In the form of a completed document verifying that your menu recipes are accurate and reflective of the current recipes served to your diner.

Every time an ingredient change is made to your menu recipes a new document must be completed and submitted to the FDA to confirm the updated analysis is accurate and nutritional information presented to the diner is once again,correct and current.

This is why we created AXIS

During the recipe entry & nutrition analysis process, AXIS keeps a time-stamp of your completed entries, logging the data per-location. Once it has been confirmed that your   recipe entry and analysis is complete, AXIS will auto-fill the required fields on the FDA Recipe Submission Form and then instantly alert each location and their store-level manager that an e-signature is required. From there, the form may be signed & saved to your MenuCalc account, making it readily available for submission to the FDA at the user’s convenience.


Specifically created to support our Corporate HQ’s, Franchisers and parent companies, AXIS makes FDA-compliance seamless— from recipe entry to submission.


This is why we stand out

Upscale UX

  • Complete Data Import
  • Account Set-Up
  • Designated Registered Dietitan(s) with 15+ years industry experience.
  • AI Access
  • Virtual Analysis Assistance

Unique Features

  • Customized User Insights
  • Seamless Datashare for FDA-Compliance
  • Audit Support
  • Dietary Preference
  • Categorization
  • Comprehensive Allergen Flagging

Unparalled Support

  • Personalized Account Support
  • Customized Consulting
  • Industry Dietitian Collaboration
  • Menu Insight Analysis
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