How Chains are Using SmartMenu for Their Restaurant Menus

Major chain restaurants are beginning to hop on the SmartMenu bandwagon. Customers have asked restaurants to alter their restaurant menus for greater nutritional transparency, and big businesses have heard the call. In many ways, this brilliant move has led to a breakthrough in the health and restaurant world. 

The average customer values health and nutrition above all else, and with SmartMenu, nutritional analysis is made simple and accessible. Here’s how chain restaurants are implementing SmartMenu technology in their restaurant menus.

Restaurant Menus Made with Transparency in Mind

Due to new FDA regulations, calories and nutritional information are now required to appear on restaurant menus with over 20 locations. For big business owners, analyzing nutritional facts without the assistance of SmartMenu technology is a lofty feat. This is why so many chain restaurants are turning toward nutritional analysis software. Not only does this help restaurants meet FDA standards, but it gives their client base a more easeful way to order.

As big businesses build more menu transparency, many seek to hire outside consultation from nutritional experts. This takes significant time and money and can be done more efficiently and swiftly with the help of SmartMenu technology. Through nutrition analysis, information like allergens, ingredients, calories, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and fat count can be easily uploaded to your menu. It can be customized according to the needs of both the business and the client base. Accurate nutritional analysis can also be done in real-time, without the weighty investment in outside consultation. 

Menus for Restaurant: How Are They Evolving?

More Ease in Complying with FDA Regulations

Nutritional analysis can seem intimidating at first. Complying with FDA standards and customizing an allergy-friendly menu, all while analyzing nutritional information is a lot of responsibility. SmartMenu technology gives restaurants a chance to curate their menus in real-time all while complying with FDA regulations. Businesses save time and energy in the long run. Instead of hiring an outside consultant, restaurants can create an in-house system that works and evolves with their needs. SmartMenu software is user-friendly and adaptable. 

Flexible Menus that Grow With You

As major chain restaurants implement the usage of SmartMenu software, we’re seeing a shift in how they curate menu options. Menus are becoming a living, breathing, and ever-changing document. This gives big businesses a chance to broaden their menu options and shift with new market trends. 

As chain restaurants expand and grow over time, their menus grow with them. Menus for restaurants are now tailor-made for optimal customer satisfaction. Customers can order with ease, and you can evolve based on their growing needs.

More Ease with 24/7 Ordering 

For chain restaurants with 24/7 menu options, SmartMenu technology is proving to be especially helpful, too. What was once a daunting task of analyzing a large menu, is now made simple with SmartMenu software.

Cater to Customers’ Needs

This also allows customers to customize, edit, add, or remove ingredients from their order based on allergens and restrictions. Chains are now becoming more aware of changes in customers’ dietary needs as a result of SmartMenu technology. 

SmartMenu Technology is Changing the Menus for Restaurants Game

Because of the use of SmartMenu technology in chain restaurants, many brands are beginning to follow suit as a result. Nutrition analysis is flipping the entire restaurant industry on its head. It’s meeting a universal need for customers and businesses alike. Chain restaurants can now turn toward what’s important, and build an exceptional experience for their customers. 

Nutrition Analysis Made Simple

Instead of spending excess money and time on nutrition analysis, let us help you simplify the process. SmartMenu technology can be implemented in your chain restaurant to help your business thrive. To learn more about SmartMenu technology, or to speak with an expert member of our team, contact us today.

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