What is MenuCalc and How Does it Work?

MenuCalc was created by industry-experts for food-business professionals. It’s everything you need for recipe nutrition analysis — and then some.

Nutrition Analysis Software with a Built-in Recipe Database

We’ve eliminated the inconvenience of having to use multiple platforms to create, analyze and store your recipes. MenuCalc brings it all together in one place. Finally, a software platform created specifically for you, the food professional. No really, take a look.
How to create a recipe in MenuCalc
Creating an Allergen Statement using MenuCalc
Building your menu in MenuCalc
Organizing your Recipes in MenuCalc

Let A.V.A. Be Your Guide

Assisted Virtual Analysis
We’ve created A.V.A. to help assist you with every part of recipe entry and nutrition analysis, giving you a virtually seamless experience from start to finish. Never struggle through data entry again, A.V.A. is almost as good as having an experienced consultant who handles your account for you. (Did we mention we have that too?)

Intuitive Allergen Feature

To meet the needs of your allergen-sensitive customer, we’ve added a new allergen-flagging feature. This smart tool detects the presence of the Top 8 Food allergens for accurate menu labeling.

You may also use this feature if you are creating a Nutrition Facts Panel for your Retail products. Your allergen statement will be compiled and ready for download with your label, completely in compliance with FDA requirements.

FDA-Approved Nutrition Labeling for Your Retail Products

Since MenuCalc was created just for you, the food business professional, we thought it might be convenient to have the ability to create nutrition facts panels right in the same software you use for recipe nutrition analysis. Why not right?

So, you guessed it, we’ve included a built-in nutrition label creator for your front-of-house and/or retail products. Oh, and we’ve looped in automatic updates and FDA-Compliance assistance so your panels are always up to government standard. Fancy huh?

Join the thousands of food establishments that also trust MenuCalc to bring their homemade recipes to retail with our all-inclusive labeling services for FDA Compliant nutrition facts panels.

How to Create an FDA Nutrition Facts Label in LabelCalc

This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily input recipe ingredients to create your nutrition facts label.