How Your Customers Can Use Interactive Nutrition Calculators for Your Menu

Restaurant owners should be able to provide their clientele with nutritional information without hassle. As we progress into a more health-conscious world, nutritional facts should be widespread, easy to understand, and accessible to customers. This process may feel daunting or time-consuming for business owners, but that’s no longer the case. 

Implementing an interactive nutrition calculator has never been easier, and can even be done at the click of a button. Here’s how easy it is for customers to use interactive nutrition calculators in your menu, and how you benefit, too.

Why Implement an Interactive Nutrition Calculator? How Customers Benefit

In today’s health climate, more customers than ever possess significant dietary restrictions or allergies. Not only this, but customers value transparency from restaurant owners regarding allergens, calories, ingredients, and general nutritional facts. Offering the simple solution of an interactive nutrition calculator begets total transparency for business owners. The benefits don’t just end with customer satisfaction, either.

When using SmartMenu’s technology, you implement software with a built-in recipe database. This means customers receive an influx of valuable nutritional information at the touch of a button. Using SmartMenu, customers receive:

  • Allergen Information with SmartMenu’s intuitive allergen flagging feature 
  • Recipe-specific nutritional labels
  • Recipe-specific calorie count 
  • A customized, personalized, and enjoyable menu experience

This works in the favor of your business, too. Interactive nutrition calculators build trust with your client base, therefore significantly improving sales and customer retention. Customers know they can rely on your business to provide food that is healthy, diet-friendly, allergy-friendly, and nutritionally transparent. Interactive nutrition software is also incredibly user-friendly, making the experience less intimidating for customers and businesses alike.

How does a Nutrition Calculator Work?

Nutrition analysis software is tailor-made to the customer’s specific needs, desires, and restrictions. This means that as customers input their order, a real-time recipe calculator analyzes the nutritional facts, calorie count, and allergens. Many restaurants already provide a calorie count on their menu. However, more often than not, this information is not accurate or specified to the customer’s order. With SmartMenu, there are no more approximations. Customers can now learn about the nutritional information of their meals in real-time.

SmartMenu’s nutrition calculator also creates more efficiency and ease when ordering. Based on the specifications of the customer, they’ll learn the serving size, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and total fat count of their meal. Customers can add, remove, or edit their orders as they please according to their specifications. This way, customers aren’t left wondering. They can trust your business, and trust that they’re getting their nutritional needs met. 

SmartMenu is also customizable and adapts easily to the needs of your customers and business. Because of this, you can easily customize the software to make ordering as efficient, easeful, and streamlined as possible. 

Use a Recipe Nutrition Calculator, Too!

SmartMenu extends to menu creation, as well. Chefs and restaurant owners can utilize recipe nutrition calculators when building their menus. Recipe nutrition calculators allow you to create comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date nutritional information for total menu transparency. 

Recipe calculators are specific to the brands used, spices used, and measurements for each recipe. With over 300,000 ingredients in the MenuCalc database, customization is made simple. If ingredients aren’t listed in our database, there’s an option to add more, too. Recipe calculators help to cater to your client base and build a menu that meets their needs. 

Unlock Your Menu’s Full Potential 

Implementing an interactive nutrition calculator into your customer experience simply makes sense for a thriving business. To grow your clientele, build trust with existing customers, and create a menu that puts nutrition at the forefront, choose MenuCalc. Don’t hesitate to contact a team member with any questions about how you can get started.

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