4 Ways SmartMenu Increases Customer Retention

Are you looking for a way to increase restaurant sales, engage hungry customers, and secure loyalty? Meet SmartMenu.

A restaurant owner tends to her customer sitting at a table, looking at the menu.

Retaining customers can be one of the most significant challenges for food service professionals. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5x more than retaining an existing one. The bottom line: there is great value in keeping the right customers.

At SmartMenu, we aim to make retaining quality customers easier. An estimated 86 million Americans have a dietary preference, so catering to your customer’s needs is essential. For customers with allergies, dietary restrictions, or who want to count calories – SmartMenu is a game-changer. Here are 4 ways our platform can boost your business and keep loyal customers coming back for more.


1. Real-Time Nutritional Information

No more trying to guess how many calories are in your meal if you take off the bacon and add some veg. Today, more customers than ever require specialty ingredients when ordering their meals. SmartMenu technology instantly analyzes your recipes depending on the customer’s dietary needs. No cheese? No problem. Curious about calories if you were to swap to a gluten-free option? Easy. Allow customers to obtain precise information about their meals quickly and with ease.

2. Up-front Allergen Information

According to a study by the NIH in 2017, 92 percent of food-allergic guests will frequently return to a restaurant after having a positive experience. A restaurant that values its customers’ specialized diet is more likely to see higher retention rates. Accommodating guests with detailed allergen information can boost a restaurant’s profit margin by 24 percent. SmartMenu has an intuitive allergy-flagging feature; this lets customers and business owners know when a common allergen is included in their meal. We make finding allergen-friendly items easy and painless, for both you and the customer.

 3. Menu Organization

Aesthetics and ease of use are more important than ever in our tech-savvy world today. SmartMenu ensures diners have a user-friendly place to decide where they will consume meals. We organize your menu items with easily-sorted recipes into plant-based, allergen-friendly, vegetarian, or gluten-free categories. When your customers can easily navigate menu options, they are more likely to quickly choose an item and commit to ordering from your menu.

4. Reliability

When customers know they can rely on your menu to help them make food choices that fit their preferences, they will likely return. At the touch of a button, customers can access ingredient information, plant-based options, allergens, dietary fiber, sodium, carbohydrates, fat counts, and more. They’ll know that this information is accurate and that they’re at an establishment that cares about what they want.


As food preferences continue to gain popularity and become harder for the food service to cater to, get ahead of the game with intuitive software that can do all of the hard work for you. Curious about how SmartMenu can bring your food business to the next level? Chat with a member of our team today.

SmartMenu software brings the most accurate nutritional information to your menu, so you can better serve your customer base. Don’t worry about any added work – we take care of all the details behind the scenes. Connect with us today to learn more about how the SmartMenu platform can boost your business in 2023.

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