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MenuCalc can help independent restaurant owners plan, organize, and create a menu for the perfect dining experience. See how we can help you

With MenuCalc, you can create more innovative and faster menus; and provide your guests with all the information they need. Our ingredient and menu insights platform can build menus, nutritional displays, and allergen reports all in one place. With an array of nutrition demands such as gluten-free, vegan, and low-carb creating a menu can become an expensive, time-consuming project. Because of MenuCalc, you don’t have to spend long agonizing hours putting the menu together.

MenuCalc helps individual restaurant owners create menus and comply with FDA regulations. Separate establishments are not required to follow menu labeling laws. We understand restauranteur’s struggle and strive to lighten your load.

MenuCalc and Independent Restaurants

The design of MenuCalc is easy-to-navigate, user-friendly software. The platform is simple to use no matter what education in food and nutritional services you have. You can operate the program in-house or live chat with a certified menu labeling expert if you need assistance. Built-in tutorials ensure that if you can use a computer, you can use MenuCalc. MenuCalc is here to ensure you receive all your nutritional and allergen facts; without or without a degree in nutrition.

Save time and money by building your independent restaurant menu through MenuCalc. The program has been perfected over 20 years, ensuring it suits individual restaurants and chains. Quickly calculate the nutritional information for your menus across multiple locations and keep your recipes organized in one secure database. Let the software take the worry and stress out of food labels. MenuCalc organization gives you the time to focus on vital aspects of running independent restaurants.

Join the thousands of food establishments that trust MenuCalc to bring their recipes to compliance

FDA Regulations to Keep in Mind

It’s essential to consider consumer awareness when deciding what information to provide on your menu. Regulation requirements were created to help battle the increasing rate of obesity in America. However, consumers appreciated having the news so much that they began to request information from every restaurant. So, even though you, as an individual establishment, do not have to follow the labeling laws, it might still be prudent.

Restaurants are required to display the calorie amounts for all regular menu items. The belief is that knowing the calorie count will help consumers make better-informed choices for their families and themselves.
Unlike the regulations displaying calorie amounts, nutritional information does not have to be on display. Instead, establishments just need to make the materials available upon request.

Only food manufacturers are required to provide allergen information on labels. Although, consumers enjoy it when a restaurant takes the time to display warnings for allergens in the food. Sesame, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans currently take up 90% of severe food reactions.

Note: Different states have rules in addition to the regulations put in place federally. For example, Louisiana requires all restaurants in the state to label every shrimp and crawfish dish with the seafood’s country of origin. Consult one of our many certified menu labeling experts about state-specific requirements.

Who Plans the Menu in an Independent Restaurant?

The owner of a new restaurant often makes their menu. Sometimes they will collaborate with the chef they hired to run the kitchen. So take off some of the load with MeneCalc.

At MenuCalc, we pair you with professional, FDA-certified nutritionists before scheduling a private consultation. You can operate the program in-house or have your menu reviewed by a specialist. Schedule a consultation today if you have questions and want to learn more about MenuCalc.