MenuCalc’s Nutrition Calculator: Share Nutritional Information with Diners in a Whole New Way

After your MenuCalcⓇ nutritional analysis is complete and your newly-printed menus reflect all of the appropriate regulatory requirements, you may think that your nutritional analysis stops there. But how can you give your customers even more innovative access to your nutritional information? MenuCalc’s Calculator tool integrates with your restaurant’s website to deliver nutrition results to your customers in a revolutionary way.

This tool utilizes the results from your existing MenuCalc account and brings them to the public for you. No longer do you have to rely on extensive charts or boring PDF pages—with our Nutrition Calculator your customers can view and interact with nutrition information on your menu in real-time. Selecting menu items with add-ins and substitutions allows users to experiment with their meal nutrition (as an added bonus, it also improves customer retention and engagement on your website).

How the MenuCalc Nutrition Calculator Can Be Applied to Your Restaurant’s Website

Our Nutrition Calculator is a fully customized web application that allows your customers to receive nutrition information instantaneously for menu items or meals. By swapping or adding individual ingredients to their chosen menu item, users can customize their nutrition. MenuCalc instantly calculates up to 15 pre-selected nutrition values to display exactly as you’ve dictated.

The MenuCalc Calculator can be set up in a variety of ways to best illuminate your menu. These examples display just a sampling of the tool’s potential:

Mixt Greens Uses MenuCalc’s Nutrition Calculator to Display Custom Salad Information

nutrition calculator Resturants

Working with Mixt Greens of San Francisco, we developed a fully customized Nutrition Calculator that allows their customers to choose their nutrition based on salad dressing and ingredient choices.

“Our customers have been requesting a tool like the Nutrition Calculator for years and FoodCalc has provided the perfect solution. The Calculator underlines our commitment to being different and really pushing the bar in everything we do.”


Croutons, Inc. Shows A Different Take On The Nutrition Calculator
restaurants with nutrition calculator

This Nutrition Calculator example illustrates a slightly different take on this solution for salad restaurants. Displaying the nutrition total as a constant sidebar allows customers to keep tabs on their entire meal. As seen in these two examples, the Calculator can be customized to flow with your website—making nutrition analysis interesting and engaging for your clients.

Integrating the MenuCalc Nutrition Calculator within Your Website

We’re ready to work with you to integrate your new tool into your existing website. We’ll work together to determine which items you’d like your customers to be able to customize and which nutrition values you’d like to display. We do all the back-end work behind the scenes and host the Calculator using data from your existing MenuCalc account, so there’s no need for you to worry about the technical details.

We charge a one-time customization fee for the initial setup of the Nutrition Calculator and to cover hosting on our server. Reach out to us today using the form below to receive your free quote.

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The Nutrition Calculator is a powerful supplement to the nutrition analysis that MenuCalc provides. Interested in getting started with MenuCalc for yourself to take advantage of this tool? Check out our pricing plans to decide which access point is best for you and your restaurant.