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Have an FAQ or questions about MenuCalc®? Our website is rich with information, but some things may be tough to locate. Here’s where you’ll find easily accessible answers to the most FAQ from our clients. If you have a question that is not an FAQ, no problem. Just reach out to us directly!

1. Is MenuCalc FDA compliant?

Yes! MenuCalc’s software, analysis process and menu-labeling services  are 100% FDA compliant. We only use methods that are approved for use within the food manufacturing industry. The information used to analyze your  products for accurate menu labeling is directly sourced from the USDA food database. This ensures that you are receiving the most accurate analysis possible resulting in proper labeling that is in compliance with FDA standards, every time.

(The USDA and FDA do not personally endorse any individual lab, consultant, or nutrition analysis provider.)

2. How much does MenuCalc cost?
We have 3 subscription options for you to choose from, please click here to view them

Want a professional to handle your account?  Add our Expert Consulting Services onto any MenuCalc subscription plan to collaborate with our Registered Dietitian

3. How long will it take to learn how to use MenuCalc?
MenuCalc’s sophisticated online platform is intuitively designed to require little training so you can get started immediately. We’ve designed our software with guidance from restaurant users like you to make MenuCalc a valuable time-saver for your business. Check out our video demos to see just how user-friendly our software is.
4. I can’t find an ingredient in the database. Can I add my own?
Yes, absolutely! If by chance you have a unique item that can not be found in our database, you may add the ingredient and it’s nutrition information to enter your recipe exactly as it was created.  This feature is called the “My Ingredient Add” tool. Watch this feature in action here on this video demo.
5. Are my MenuCalc recipes confidential?
All customer recipes are protected by our confidentiality agreement. We will never share or give access to your recipes without your explicit consent. If you take advantage of our expert consulting services in order to have MenuCalc staff complete nutritional analysis or evaluation on your behalf, you can be sure that your recipes and ingredients will be kept confidential and only discussed within the scope of your project between MenuCalc’s Registered Dietitians and consultants. Our system is airtight, and we are proud to offer such a high level of security for your prized menu items.
6. Is MenuCalc secure, can other people see my recipes?
MenuCalc is 100% secure and your recipes are completely confidential to only you and your chosen account users. We care about the security of  your products as much as you do! So, for added assurance, we issue a confidentiality agreement upon enrollment for the safety of your unique and priceless recipes.
7. What security does MenuCalc provide for my account data?
Similar to online banking or web-based credit card transactions, MenuCalc adheres to the highest security measures on the web to qualify for PCI-compliance and to ensure that user information is secured. MenuCalc’s databases are located on a dedicated server that performs daily back-ups within Time Warner Telecom’s secure commercial web hosting facility. If at any time you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us immediately.
8. Do I need to download software/database updates?
At MenuCalc, we value your time and promise to help you maximize it. With our online nutritional analysis software, there are no installation, download, or patch updating procedures. Your account populates with the very latest features and database additions each time you sign in. MenuCalc members are automatically notified by homepage notifications when additional data sets are incorporated.
9. Do you have ingredients already in your database?
We sure do. MenuCalc’s database is comprised of over 18,000 USDA-compiled lab tested ingredients to create your recipe with complete accuracy and quality assurance.
10. I make recipes in-house, can I still use MenuCalc?
Yes! Many of our clients make recipes in-house from scratch.  We call these ‘Prep Recipes’ and have a powerful feature that enables our clients to make their recipe, and then save it as a ‘Prep Recipe,’ which can then be pulled into other recipes or finished menu items.  Think salsa, salad dressing, marinade etc.  See this feature and other unique-to MenuCalc features here on our demo center.
11. I’m stuck trying to input a recipe. What do I do?
As a first step, look for the buttons, which we have included in the platform to help guide you through every step of the process. If you’re still stuck, our expert staff is ready and willing to help with any questions that arise. Interested in mastering more advanced functions of the MenuCalc software? Sign up for one of our free weekly webinars to take your nutritional analysis game to the next level.
12. How do I know which plan is right for me and my company?
We have 3 monthly subscription plans that are guaranteed to suit the needs of every food-service business. Click here to view our options and determine what fits your business the best. Not sure what to choose?  Chat with us today:  (located in the lower right hand corner of the wesbite)
13. Is MenuCalc a better investment than using a laboratory?
The bottom line: nutritional analysis by calculation (using MenuCalc’s online software) is more cost-effective, time-saving, and accurate than laboratory chemical analysis. It’s a far better investment of your time and resources.

Here’s why: Chemical analysis performed in a lab involves incinerating food samples to determine nutrient content. You must test multiple samples of a food to establish an average, and these additional tests can be very costly. However, analysis via calculation involves taking already-analyzed ingredients and scaling their nutrient values—producing a final nutrient average that’s based on detailed averages instead of inconsistent sample variation.

MenuCalc uses this database-grounded approach to nutrition analysis, and is trusted by small and large restaurants alike for analysis accuracy, ease of use, cost effectiveness, and instant turnaround.

14. Can MenuCalc help me with menu labeling compliance?
MenuCalc’s expert staff is well versed in menu labeling laws and are happy to assist you in becoming compliant. We have experience advising both independent and chain/franchise owned restaurants on how to comply with regional and national menu regulations. To learn more about the laws your restaurant location may fall under, refer to our discussion on Laws and Regulations.
15. When do I receive the results of my recipe analysis?
Not only are your results available instantly upon entry, they are also calculated in real-time. This means, as you enter each ingredient of a recipe, the nutrition information and product weight is immediately updated. This ensures accuracy of ingredient entry all the way through to recipe completion.

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