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Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis

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As FDA regulations and consumer demands change, restaurants must follow suit. Creating a menu is a daunting process as is. Creating a comprehensive menu with accurate nutritional information – even more so. MenuCalc is here to smooth this process for major restaurant chains and brands.

With breakthrough SmartMenu technology, restaurant owners can keep up with the shifting tides. Easily provide your customers with accurate, consistent, and up-to-date nutritional information. Here’s why brands are turning toward MenuCalc as their recipe analysis software of choice.

Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis in Minutes

Using SmartMenu’s easy-to-use platform, restaurant chains can offer accurate menu labels to their loyal customers. With SmartMenu software, restaurants can easily meet the varying nutritional needs of consumers. Utilizing nutritional analysis software,

SmartMenu analyzes the following:

  • Major allergens (gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, legumes, sesame, and soybeans)

  • Calorie content

  • Carbohydrate count

  • Total fat count

  • Dietary fiber

  • Recipe-specific nutrition labels

In a matter of minutes, restaurants can create an FDA-compliant menu that also serves the evolving needs of their client base. Restaurant owners simply input their recipe information, and SmartMenu does the rest for them. Also included in SmartMenu software is an intuitive allergen-flagging feature. This way, there’s no need for restaurant owners to evaluate allergens manually. SmartMenu technology flags potential allergens so menus stay up-to-date and accurate. Avoid allergen mishaps and provide your customers with a menu that’s both transparent and nutritionally informed. SmartMenu is the most efficient way for restaurants to meet the needs of their customers and stay on top of industry trends.

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The Importance of Nutritional Transparency

Why choose nutritional analysis software? Nutritional analysis software poses many benefits to major brands and businesses in their journey toward transparency. Choosing nutritional transparency is so much more than owners knowing what’s on the menu. It’s also about showing their customers that they value their nutritional needs, and that they hear their requests for accuracy.

Nutritional transparency allows big brands to:

  • Stay FDA-compliant without any stress or overwhelm

  • Update their menus with ease and at a lower cost than hiring outside nutritional consulting

  • Choose the menu formats that best serve them and their customers

  • Curate a large or seasonal menu to best accommodate their customers

  • Easily manage inventory

  • Recipe-specific nutrition labels

  • Consult with nutritional experts and receive expert guidance

  • Cultivate more awareness and knowledge around changing nutritional needs

  • Stay on top of trends in the industry and stay ahead of competitors

Nutritional transparency is also a necessity if restaurants are going to comply with food safety laws. SmartMenu technology also helps restaurants remain FDA-compliant without the hassle. Here’s how.

Keep Up With FDA Regulations

Nutritional transparency and analysis are now required by the FDA for franchises with 20 or more locations. With MenuCalc’s automatic updating feature, restaurants can easily meet FDA requirements. SmartMenu software has a built-in understanding of FDA regulations and standards. This way, businesses will never have to worry about staying compliant and meeting the ever-changing FDA requirements.

The FDA now requires the following from franchises with 20 or more locations:

On all menu items, restaurants must display an accurate count of the item’s calories. They also must display accurate calorie information in proximity to the menu item. SmartMenu also helps business owners create estimations for menu items based on added or subtracted ingredients.
Restaurants need to have nutritional information available upon request for each menu item. SmartMenu streamlines this lengthy process and achieves this in a matter of minutes.
Customers with dietary restrictions or allergies need to be made aware of potential allergens. To avoid unwanted food reactions and maintain nutritional transparency, SmartMenu identifies allergens in each menu item.