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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis takes time, especially without the right support. FDA compliance laws, transparency standards, and the demands of the modern consumer are a lot to grapple with. Businesses need assistance, and nutritional analysis software is here to help.

Here’s a rundown of nutrition analysis software, and how SmartMenu technology transforms the way a business practices menu transparency. 

What is Nutrition Analysis Software?

Put simply, nutrition analysis software calculates the nutritional content of food. Nutrition analysis software aids large franchises in the process of creating an FDA-compliant and nutritionally transparent menu. MenuCalc offers state-of-the-art nutrition analysis software known as SmartMenu technology. With the help of the SmartMenu platform, businesses can create a comprehensive, transparent, and accurate analysis of the nutritional content in their recipes. SmartMenu software helps businesses achieve the following:

  • Identify major allergens using its intuitive allergen-flagging feature (gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, legumes, sesame, and soybeans).

  • Provide an accurate depiction of calories, carbohydrates, total fat count, dietary fibers, and others to their customers.

  • Create FDA-compliant menu labels that meet the ever-evolving demands of FDA standards and regulations.

  • Input recipe information with total accuracy. SmartMenu hosts over 300,000 ingredients to choose from, so recipes can be customized and adjusted as needed.

  • Organize recipes into relevant categories, as well as create location-specific menus and specials.

  • Manage inventory with greater ease.

  • Meet the needs and requests of their customers and stay ahead of industry trends.

With SmartMenu, nutrition analysis becomes secondary. Business owners no longer have to worry about maintaining FDA compliance. Instead, they can focus on the things that matter most.

Nutrition Analysis Made Easy

Nutrition analysis can be tedious and overwhelming. It’s impossible to keep track of every single ingredient used in a recipe. This is especially true when implementing major brands into your menu items. 

For instance, what if your recipe involves a brand-named sauce? How do you analyze each ingredient in that sauce along with the ingredients made in-house? This is no small feat. And restaurant owners shouldn’t have to stress over these seemingly small tasks. This is where SmartMenu comes in.

To receive a comprehensive nutritional analysis of a menu item, simply input the ingredients used in a recipe. Users can customize their menu to fit the unique needs of their business. With over 300,000 ingredients and brands in its database, SmartMenu technology seamlessly integrates and organizes recipes into three recipe libraries:

  • Recipe Library:

    This is an overview of all your menu items broken down, analyzed, and integrated into your MenuCalc account.

  • Sub-recipe Library:

    Recipes that are made in-house. This can include sauces, dressings, marinades, beverages, bread, or dough.

  • External Ingredients Library:

    Library items that have been added to your specific MenuCalc account. These items may be local or region-specific.

Users can easily duplicate similar recipes and swap out ingredients or portion sizes. Also, recipes can easily be updated as businesses grow and evolve.

Search for recipes, receive an alphabetical breakdown of the entirety of the menu, and organize menu items with ease.

Join the thousands of food establishments that trust MenuCalc to bring their recipes to compliance

Why Big Brands Use Nutrition Analysis Software

Let’s face it, the demands of the industry are changing. Large franchises can’t afford to fall behind by failing to meet FDA standards and customer needs. Big brands utilize this software as a tool to streamline the complicated process of nutrition analysis. SmartMenu software makes nutrition analysis and menu creation simple. 

Interested in implementing SmartMenu software into your brand? We’re here for you. Speak with an expert MenuCalc consultant today and learn how SmartMenu can help support your business.