Nutrition Analysis Software

Nutrition calculation can seem intimidating. Complying with all the Menu transparency rules and regulations takes time and energy away from focusing on running your restaurant. However, creating a menu should be the fun part of starting a food business, and nutrition analysis software helps keep it that way.

Imagining all the unique ways to excite taste buds and interest consumers is often dampened by needing to stop and analyze everything. MenuCalc’s Nutritional Analysis Software Helps Restaurant owners calculate the nutritional values of their menu items. Keep the excitement in creating food selections by letting the computer take most of the analysis work.

Nutritional Analysis Made Easy with MenuCalc

With MenuCalc, you can use the software in-house or outsource your data to an industry professional. A trained consultant will work closely with you to evaluate your recipes and suggest ways to make your menu options healthier. Take advantage of the years of industry experience to make your menu accessible to customers with allergies and other sensitivities. 

Use the software to input recipes and create labels in compliance with all laws and regulations. We’ve designed MenuCalc to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. The platform is simple to use no matter what education in food and nutritional services you have.

You can operate the program in-house or live chat with a certified menu labeling expert if you need assistance. Built-in tutorials ensure that if you can use a computer, you can use MenuCalc. MenuCalc is here to ensure you receive all your nutritional and allergen facts; without or without a degree in nutrition.

Use the recipe calorie counter and analysis software to help you catch all the information the FDA requires you to disclose. But, the recipe analysis software doesn’t stop there. After the recipe analysis software analyzes everything, each recipe is in recipe card format for easy sharing and updating. 

If you need to update or change a component in your recipe, the nutrition analysis report is updated immediately. These are easy to download and print. It is easy to add and change ingredients within the software. Use your recipes or another brand’s ingredient in just a few simple steps. MenuCalc has a database of over 300,00 components.

Nutritional Analysis Software Keeps You FDA Compliant

MenuCalc has a team of industry experts and nutrition professionals at your disposal. They are available to help with questions regarding FDA compliance and other necessary input. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists labeling and menu regulations. Nutrition analysis gives you the necessary information to label your menus properly. 

Join the thousands of food establishments that trust MenuCalc to bring their recipes to compliance

The three essential labeling areas the FDA regulates are:

Calorie Labeling

Calorie labeling applies to restaurant chains and franchises with 20 or more establishments under the same name with the same menu items. They are required to display the calorie amounts for all regular menu items. The belief is that knowing the calorie count will help consumers make better-informed choices for their families and themselves. 

Nutritional Information

Similarly, restaurant chains with 20 or more establishments under the same name and menu must provide nutritional information. Unlike the regulations displaying calorie amounts, nutritional information does not have to be on display. Establishments just need to make the materials available upon request. The materials must disclose total calories, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, and protein. In addition, the menu must contain a statement indicating that the information is available upon request. 

Allergen Information

Only food manufacturers are required to provide allergen information on labels. Although, consumers enjoy it when a restaurant takes the time to display warnings for allergens in the food. Sesame, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans currently take up 90% of severe food reactions.

MenuCalc’s Nutritional Analysis Software

MenuCalc has been perfected over 20 years, ensuring it suits individual restaurants and chains. Quickly calculate the nutritional information for your menus across multiple locations and keep your recipes organized in one database. Wow, your guests on a well-designed menu. 

Schedule a free, private consultation with one of our Nutritionists today. In addition, you may also have your recipes and ingredients reviewed by one of our experienced FDA-Certified Nutritionists.