Food Manufacturers

In 1967, the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act required all consumer commodities to include proper labeling with contents and manufacturer information. In addition, food manufacturers and brands must list ingredients, nutritional information, and place of creation and distribution. MenuCalc helps manufacturers and brands create FDA-compliant food labels and nutritional facts. 

With MenuCalc, you can create more innovative and faster food labels; and provide consumers with all the information they need. With our ingredient and nutritional insights platform, you can build healthy displays and allergen reports all in one place.

MenuCalc helps food manufacturers create nutritional displays and comply with FDA regulations. Consumers have come to expect a level of nutritional transparency. Meeting customers’ healthy expectations and FDA regulations can be challenging for food brands. We understand the struggle and strive to lighten your load.

FDA Regulations for Food Brands

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has different regulations regarding labeling food. Therefore, manufacturers must carefully follow each rule to ensure they stay within it.

The basic rules require:

Food labels are required to have:

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Nutrition Labeling for Food Manufacturers with MenuCalc

MenuCalc is a one-stop solution for accurate nutrition insights. Get both nutrition and allergen information instantly. In addition, you can meet your allergen-sensitive customer and comply with FDA by using our new allergen-flagging feature. This intelligent tool detects the presence of the top food allergens for accurate menu labeling.

This feature is perfect for creating a Nutrition Facts Panel for all your retail products. Download your allergen statement with your label to stay safe and comply with FDA requirements. Our easily operated online nutrition analysis software is designed  specifically for the food industry. The FDA considers all food regulations during the label-making process.

MenuCalc’s design is user-friendly to help guide you through various nutritional obstacles. You can use the program in-house or live chat with a certified menu labeling expert if you need assistance. Built-in tutorials ensure you can use our services with ease. Menucalc is here to ensure you receive all your nutritional and allergen facts without or without a degree in nutrition.

Save time and money by utilizing MenuCalc for nutritional and allergen labeling needs. Let the software take the worry and stress out of nutrition labels. MenuCalc will give you time to focus on the other vital aspects of running a food business.

Schedule a free, private consultation with one of our Nutritionists today. In addition, you may also have your recipes and ingredients reviewed by one of our experienced FDA-Certified Nutritionists. If you have questions or want to learn more about Menucalc, don’t hesitate to contact us today!