Why Showing Your Recipe Nutrition Facts is Crucial for Customer Retention

Maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your customers begins with nutritional transparency. Demonstrating your commitment to nutrition as a restaurant is essential when building a successful customer base. Because today’s customer places significant value on their health, they want to know what’s on their plate. Not only this, but more customers than ever experience dietary restrictions or allergies. That’s why nutrition facts should be visible on your menus. 

Nutritional analysis software simplifies this process for business owners and enables transparency with nutrition facts. Want to sustain a thriving customer base? Start by implementing SmartMenu technology.

Easy Access to Nutrition Facts

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to analyze nutrition facts in your restaurant menu. SmartMenu does this for you. With over 300,000 ingredients and counting in its database, it’s never been easier to build a transparent menu. 

As you expand, shift, and grow your menu, you can easily gain access to an expansive amount of nutritional information. SmartMenu software analyzes allergens, calories, dietary fibers, carbohydrates, fat counts, and more with the click of a button. Why do restaurants need this? Because it directly impacts customer retention.

Gain Customer Trust

By demonstrating nutritional transparency, customers will see that restaurants care about their needs. This is especially true for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. SmartMenu’s allergen-flagging feature alerts customers and restaurant owners to any potential allergens in their meals. This way, customers can easily edit or adjust orders depending on their unique needs.

SmartMenu helps cultivate awareness around potential allergens. Business owners, staff, and customers alike will develop a deeper understanding of what’s on their plate. Customers know they can depend on the accuracy of your menu, and get their nutritional needs met.

Draw in a Larger Customer Base

Become the preferred restaurant option for new and old customers with SmartMenu. Nutritional analysis technology helps restaurants build a reputable name amongst other competing establishments. A business’s extensive knowledge of allergens or restrictions, and its commitment to nutritional transparency – speaks for itself. Create a menu that everyone can enjoy and rely on. When new customers see how easy it is to order from your menu, they’re likely to return.

Expand Your Menu Options

Because SmartMenu is so adaptable and user-friendly, it allows restaurant owners to easily expand and evolve their menus over time. 

Built for ingredient specificity, allergen awareness, and optimal organization, SmartMenu grows with your business. It becomes easier to expand your menu options when nutritional analysis software is right at your fingertips. Grow with your customer base, meet their evolving needs, and create something groundbreaking in your industry.

Generate Your Own Nutrition Facts Label

With SmartMenu technology, business owners can even create customizable nutrition fact labels to display front-of-house or directly on their menus. Create nutrition labels that can easily grow and change with your expanding menu. This strengthens customer trust, extends to potential customers, and sets your business apart from other competitors. 

Spend Less Time DIY-ing It

SmartMenu software automatically updates and assists you with complying with FDA regulations. Business owners should be spending more time focusing on what matters most: their loyal customers. Too many restaurants spend more money and time analyzing nutritional facts on their own. There’s now another way. SmartMenu will do all the hard labor for you, so you don’t have to. SmartMenu is an investment in your business and your customers alike.

Nutrition Fact Made Easy

It’s never been easier to demonstrate nutritional transparency to your customers. Why spend more time than necessary on nutritional analysis? By implementing SmartMenu technology, your customers can enjoy an easy-to-use ordering system, and lean on your business for reliable menu options. To learn more about how to get started, or to speak to a MenuCalc team member, feel free to contact us today.

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