Meet SmartMenu.

SmartMenu is an interactive guest engagement tool for your menu. Collect diner data and ingredient insights while providing your diner with a smarter menu that can meet the dietary needs of every American diner.

Make your menu as unique as every diner - powered by MenuCalc.

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Free Nutrition Analysis

Innovative, easy-to-use, online software; MenuCalc is has provided nutrition analysis for over 15 years to 1000s of restaurants across America - and now it's free with a SmartMenu subscription.

Perfect for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and food industry professionals who want to:

Let Customers 'Build Your Own' With SmartMenu

An exclusive plugin that takes you beyond nutrition analysis and allows customers to view nutritional breakdown in real-time.

Join the 1000+ food establishments that trust us to provide accurate nutritional analysis & give customers the power to make informed mealtime decisions.