Save Time With Self Import

Utilize our exclusive recipe import tool to save you weeks of manual ingredient and recipe entry.

    ✓ Import from your inventory management system

    ✓ Import from out-of-date nutrition software

    ✓ Import by uploading Excel/CSV document

    ✓ Export directly from ESHAPort to MenuCalc

Roti Desktop-2

Innovative, easy-to-use, online software; MenuCalc has provided nutrition analysis for over 15 years to thousands of restaurants across America - and now it's FREE with a SmartMenu subscription.

Perfect for restaurants, universities, cruise ships, hotels, hospitals, and food industry professionals who want to:

Let Diners 'Build Your Own'

SmartMenu is an exclusive plug-in that takes you beyond nutrition analysis and allows customers to view nutritional breakdowns in real time.

Your menu defines who you are and separates you from the competition. Join the 1000+ food establishments that trust us to provide smarter menu technology to grow their business, improve customer loyalty, and attract new customers.